Accutracking VTPlug TK374 4G Real Time Online GPS OBD II Vehicle Tracker

AccuTracking has been in GPS tracking business for over 15 years and we stand firmly behind our product and service.


– No contract. No hidden fees. No auto billing. Pay as you go
– 4 packages to choose from. $12.99/$15.99/$20.99/$25.99 per month (updates every 120/60/30/15 seconds. Other features vary: And more discount for quarterly/yearly payment!
– 7 days free trial
– Compatible with Alexa: just ask “where is my car”
– Auto roaming on multiple 4G LTE networks in the USA 50 states, Canada, Mexico. Contact us for other country availability
– Real-time online tracking with traffic. Mobile app for Android and iOS 11.3 or newer.
– Car doctor (most cars, not all): real-time online car diagnostics data: engine RPM, temperature, mileage, battery voltage, power load, trouble code
– Alerts via email/SMS/online: Geofence, speeding, low battery, inactivity, fence duration, harsh behavior, ignition/ACC, check-engine with DTC, unplug from vehicle, engine idle, oil change, engine temperature, RPM.
– Configurable alert notification time
– Stacks of reports: daily mileage, stops, transits, time and speed statistics, fence stay time, max speed when in/out of fence, state mileage for IFTA fuel tax, vehicle odometer and oil change status)
– 30 day history
– Download data in CSV/KML format
– Unit filter
– Sub-account (view-only account)
– Easy access to multiple accounts with master account
– Live map embedded on your own website

Works in AT&T and T-Mobile 4G coverage area in the US 50 states. Also works in Canada & Mexico. Contact us for coverage in your country.

Product Features

  • 4G OBD tracker (LTE bands B2/B4/B17. Backward compatible with 3G UMTS 850/1900MHz). Roaming SIM card included for best coverage (USA 50 states, Canada and Mexico coverage. Contact us for other countries). Works with Alexa (Amazon Echo/Echo Dot).
  • Pay as you go. Prepaid service. No contract. No auto billing. No activation fee. No cancellation fee. No hidden fees. Data plan included. 4 packages to choose from: $12.99/$15.99/$20.99/$25.99 per month (updates every 120/60/30/15 seconds. Other features vary). Discount for quarterly/yearly payment. 7 days free trial
  • Easy to install: plug into the vehicle OBD-II port and go! No wiring needed. Easy switching between vehicles. Compatible with most cars. Lightweight (only 2.1oz).
  • Real time online 24×7 GPS tracking. Vehicle diagnostic data included. 30 days history available. Geofence, speed, ignition/ACC, unplug, harsh braking/acceleration/turning, check engine light ON (with DTC code), engine idle, oil change, engine temperature, RPM alert via text/email. Detailed tracking reports (stops, geofence, speeding, inactivity, fence duration, state mileage IFTA, vehicle maintenance status, engine idle)
  • Lifetime warranty. Excellent reception with built-in LTE and GPS antenna. No hassle of running extended antennae!

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3 Responses to Accutracking VTPlug TK374 4G Real Time Online GPS OBD II Vehicle Tracker

  1. Anonymous says:

    AWESOME TRACKING DEVICE!!!! Read This……!!! Ok, I have had some time since I purchased this tracker so I believe I should be able to speak intelligently about its capabilities. I used an extension cable with this tracker in order to keep its presence a secret & had very few issues with the trackers abilities. So, for the record, you CAN use an extention cable when you cannot afford for your tracker to be detected. To be fair, there were some issues with weak signals & limited tracking with the use of the extention cable in the more rural…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Excellent product – works perfectly Excellent product – works perfectly. Once installed in the vehicle, took about twenty minutes to link itself up, nary a glitch since. Installation took about 45 seconds. Perfect for tracking teenage drivers, and finding your car if stolen. Very inexpensive. Small monthly fee with several choices regarding the type of data you want to receive, and how often it updates. I like the ‘History’ feature, which shows just how erratic and inefficient a kid can be while driving from point A to B. Also…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great product but needs a nobile app Great product for tracking my teenager. Has a lot of cool features such as alerts when she exceeds a speed I have defined or makes a harsh turn. I can monitor stops she makes and routes she takes. It is extremely accurate. There are also reports that I can receive for all sorts of thjngs at a schedule I define. It can monitor battery charge as well. The unexpected plus was that once she knew she was being tracked, she has modified her driving behaviour, less speeding and because we know where…