A quick, easy way to make sure your RV stays cool at the next campsite

By Nanci Dixon
Whew! It seems that the last several campgrounds my husband and I have stayed at have been closer to solar ovens than cool, shady campsites. It has been so blistering hot under the sun that we haven’t even bothered taking the chairs out. If you think there’s no way to get cool in hot weather, think again. I’ll show you a quick, easy way to make sure your RV stays cool at the next campsite.

Today, before moving campgrounds, I checked out the upcoming campsite map and looked at our spot via Google Earth. Peak temperatures usually hit around late afternoon, so I wanted to be in the shade. More importantly, I wanted to make sure that our RV’s refrigerator was on the shady side too. At 90-plus degrees, the ice maker balks and starts melting the cubes and refreezes overnight into one lump. Not good.

I figured out ahead of time which direction the sun would set and which side would be shaded in the afternoon.

Just to double-check when arriving, I pulled out a compass to find true west. Without getting too scientific, I was assured that we were oriented west. That meant there would be no direct sun on the windshield or the passenger side (refrigerator side) so that the RV stays cool.

So now I am writing this outside with a cool drink in my favorite camping rocker… even at 91 degrees and sunny.

It pays to use Google Earth and put a little effort into orienting yourself and your RV away from the sun, even when shade is hard to come by.

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