3 Things Every RV Tailgater Needs


When football season, racing season, and festival season are in full swing, only one activity accompanies them all: tailgating! For many, this means getting their RV out to the stadium or on location for some big fun with friends, family, and fellow fans.

While having a great time at the game or concert is really more about the event itself and the people who are there with you, having the right gear and accessories for your rig will help you make the most of every second while you’re there. Here are some things you need to have to ensure your next tailgating adventure is your best tailgating adventure yet.

An Exterior TV

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The TV inside your RV is important, but let’s face it, a lot of us want to spend time outdoors when the weather is nice and the excitement of the event is all around us. That’s where an external television comes in.

Some RVs come equipped with an exterior TV already. If you have one of these, then you’re ready to go. Turn the game on and watch everyone around you flock to your RV. If, however, your RV lacks the exterior TV, it’s worth it to consider getting one. RV televisions today are designed to live outdoors, and offer technology that helps viewing in the daylight.

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TVs for RVs are affordable, and even if you don’t have an exterior outlet on your RV, you can always run an extension cord or attach a mount. Then all you need are some good camping chairs and the rest of the items on this list and you’ll be ready for tailgating bliss.

A Tailgating Grill

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When it comes to a grill, you should always get the grill that is best suited to handle your tailgating needs and one that you’re comfortable using. When people are tailgating, they want to eat lots of tasty food and you need a grill that’s ready to handle the job. Sometimes this means a small grill. Other times, you’ll need something much bigger to cook for a crowd.

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I like the Coleman RoadTrip X-Cursion Portable Propane Grill for smaller tailgating parties. It folds up and is easy to use. It’s perfect for a few friends who want to tailgate together. If you want something larger, then you should go with something like the Camp Chef Barbecue Sport Grill Box that mounts to the side of your RV or sits on a table. It’s a little more to handle, but if you have a lot of mouths to feed, it’s the better option.

Sometimes, we need a little help on the sidelines and that’s fine! When it comes to grilling, don’t forget to explore the option of a grill table. A folding aluminum grill table, for example, can help support not only your grill but provide ample space to hold your grilling accessories. While the grill is the star of the show, don’t underestimate a grill table — it’s often the real MVP.

For more tailgating cuisine options, check out these helpful tips below:

An Awning or Canopy

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An RV awning or canopy is a must-have for any tailgate whether you’re cheering on your favorite team, watching your favorite driver, or hearing your favorite song live for the first time. An awning or canopy will keep the sun out of your eyes and off the TV, keep you from getting a sunburn, and will provide a haven in rain or other unexpected weather.

I know you’ll probably choose to retreat back inside the RV if the weather gets too bad, but an awning can help keep you outside a little longer. Additionally, an RV awning will prevent fellow tailgaters from using your RV as relief from the sun. By having a source of shade and shelter available, they’re more likely to stay outside with the rest of the party. If you don’t have an awning, you should consider getting a shade canopy or installing an awning..

Explore more about RV awnings, their benefits, and how to use them:

If an awning doesn’t really seem like the right option for your RV and your needs, consider a pop-up instant canopy, shelter, or outdoor screen room. These are affordable alternatives to modifying your RV with an awning and can be a fantastic addition to your tailgating setup. They provide protection from the sun and give many of the same benefits as an awning, in addition to keeping bugs at bay with screened in sides. If you want to go all-out, as many tailgaters choose to do, you can set up both!

RV Tailgating is a Lifestyle

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What many fail to realize is that RV tailgating is more than just an activity before the big game, big race, or big concert — it’s a lifestyle. From gathering with friends to making new ones, reminiscing about tailgates past, or creating new memories in the moment, RV tailgating is enjoyed by RV enthusiasts all over the country.

Even if you’re not an RV tailgater yourself, chances are you know someone who is. For those people in your life that tend to throw epic tailgating parties for all of the best events, consider showing them this list. Or better yet, check out Camping World’s Gear Guide for the RV Tailgater in Your Life and gift them the perfect item for their next big party. Doing so might just ensure you’re at the top of the invite list at the next tailgating party.

The number one rule when it comes to RV tailgating is to have fun, but remember to do so responsibly. Whether it’s college football or the NFL, a local racetrack or Nascar, a county festival or a full-blown concert, tailgating is often the best way to celebrate. With the items from this list, you’re sure to turn a good time into a great time.

What else do you like to have when tailgating in your RV? Leave a comment below!

3 things every tailgater needs

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