2 Pairs Rockville X6.5C Competition 6.5″ 1000 Watt Component Car Audio Speakers

TS Parameters of Mid/Woofer: Fs: 110 Hz . Re: 3.6 Ohm . Qes: 1.024 . Qts: 0.865 . Qms: 5.579 . Vas: 4.117L . Cms: 150.194 . Bl: 5.134 . MMS: 8.442g . XMAX: 2MM

Features of Tweeter: 2″ Titanium Compression Horn Tweeter. 1″ High Temperature Die Cast Kapton Voice Coil. Extremely loud and clear highs with an amazing frequency response that can even play some mids. Ferro Fluid Enhanced Voice Coil Cooling. Shallow Mounting Depth. 10oz. Magnet. Includes Mounting Hardware. Impedance: 4 Ohm. Cutout Diameter: 2.8″ inches. Mounting Depth: 1.66″ inches. Frequency Response: 2 kHz – 20 kHz. Sensitivity: 96dB @ 1w / 1m

TS Parameters of Tweeter: Fo: 2.041 kHz. Re: 3.6 Ohm . Qes: 11.995 . Qts: 2.74 . Qms: 3.551 . Krm: 11.224u Ohm . Erm: 1.034 . Kxm: 1.531mH . Exm: 0.592 . . Simple and Quick Tweeter Installation: 1. Choose mounting location, typically rear deck or door panel.. 2. With the provided template cut a hole 2.8″ in diameter make sure that you have a minimum of 1.66″ mounting depth.. 3. Using the included hardware, screw the tweeter into your mounting location.

Product Features

  • Pair Rockville X6.5C Competition 6.5″ 1000 Watt Component Car Audio Speakers and Titanium Tweeters. (2) 6.5″ Woofers for Mids and Bass . (2) 2″ Aluminum Tweeters with Titanium Diaphragms. (2) Audiophile Crossovers (these are very expensive crossovers with a lot of copper coils in them for advanced sound filtering to give you the best sound quality). Peak Power Rating: 1,000 Watts Per Pair/500 Watts Each. CEA Compliant RMS Rating: 250 Watts Per Pair/125 Watts Each.
  • Paper Woofer Cone With Cloth Edge Gives Amazing Bass and Mids. True Aluminum Bullet to give the woofer amazing sound . Steel Stamped Basket. Oversized 1.5″ ASV Voice Coil. 14 oz. High Quality Ferrite Magnet. Cutout Diameter: 5.78″ inches. Impedance: 4 Ohms. Tweeter Size: 3.86” x 1.97″ inches. Cutout Diameter of Tweeter: 2.80″inches . Audiophile 2-Way Crossover with 12db/Octave Roll-Off. Crossover Has Tweeter Attenuation Adjustment of -3db, -6db.
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz – 20,000 Hz. Sound Pressure Level: 90dB @ 1w/1m. Fs: 110 Hz . Re: 3.6 Ohm. Qes: 1.024. Qts: 0.865. Qms: 5.579. Titanium Diaphragm Tweeter with 1″ Kapton Voice Coils – the most premium voice coils on the market. This item uses CCAW voice coil windings which is the most expensive and best material for voice coil winding. Pre-installed mounting screws included.  
  • Features of Included Crossovers: 2-Way Passive Crossover Network. One Pair of 4-Ohm Audiophile Grade Crossovers. Gold Plated Screw Terminals. Hingtat 100V Capacitor Modules (Best in Class). High Quality CCAW Coil Windings (Best in Class). High Grade Polymer Capacitors (Best in Class). Woofer Frequency: 20 Hz – 3.5 kHz. Tweeter Frequency: 3.5 kHz – 20 kHz. 12dB Per Octave Slope (4 Ohms). Poly-Glass Styling to See Internal Components. Air Cooled Spools.
  • Features of Mid/Woofer: 6.5 Inch Mid/Bass Speakers Aluminum Bullet. Design: Open-Basket Mid-Bass. Sensitivity: 90dB. Frequency Response: 110Hz-10KHz. Impedance: 4 Ohms. Reinforced Black Pulp Cone. Linear Progressive Polyester-Cotton Composite Spider. Aluminum Bullet Phase Plug High SPL Design. High Tinsel Expanded Steel Basket. Cloth surrounds reproduces very clean sound. Zinc-Plated T-Yoke/Washers. Super Slim Design Facilitates Door Installations. 1.5 Inch High Temperature KSV Voice Coil.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Its a great sounding product for the price

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great sound… great quality….