13+ Best Gifts for RV Owners (2022)


The best gifts for RV owners include gadgets, tools, and helpful guides.

Jennifer and I made a video once about the top ten Christmas gifts for RV owners. But I thought I would extend that list to include even more great gifts!

I’m going to share the Christmas gift video again with you below. Though it’s centered around Christmas, the gifts are great outside of the holiday season, too.

Just be sure to keep reading below for even more of the best gifts for RV owners.

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13 Best Gifts for RV Owners

Here is our list of MORE of the best gifts for RV owners, from useful gifts like tools and cameras to funny pillows.

1. RV State Sticker Map

Best Gifts for RV Owners

One thing that most RVers love to do is track and talk about where they have been. This sticker map lets them track everywhere they’ve been in the United States in a visually appealing way.

They can also mount it in their RV, which is a nice and decorative reminder of travels. Plus, it’s a great talking point for anyone who visits. This gift is practical and decorative, making it one of the best gifts for RV owners.

2. Humorous Decorative Pillow

Best Gifts for RV Owners

Many people have made a colorful comment or two when trying to park and level their RV. Or have experienced the less than joyous sides of RVing.

That’s why these pillows, with humorous sayings, are fun gifts for rv campers. Various sayings include:

●    Sorry for what I said while I was setting up the camper trailer

●    Camping, where you spend a small fortune to live like the homeless

●    Sorry for what I said while we were trying to park the camper

Best Gifts for RV Owners

Another great idea: This super-soft neck support travel pillow or any of these comfy travel accessories.

3. Stainless Steel Insulated Wine and Coffee Tumblers

Best Gifts for RV Owners

When storage space is tight, what better gift can you give than something that can perform double duty? Their usefulness and practicality make these tumblers one of the best gifts for RV owners.

These tumblers are compact, durable, and insulated. They’re perfect for many food and drink items, including wine, coffee, ice cream, and chili.

Available in several different color options, these tumblers are a great gift idea for any RV lovers!

4. Folding Step Stool

13+ Best Gifts for RV Owners (2022) 1

This practical gift would come in handy for any RVer. Whether I need to fix my awning or clean up a spill in a high cabinet, this little step stool is there to save the day. 

The best part about this stool is that it folds up flat for easy storage. It can easily be stored in an outdoor storage hatch or utility closet inside. It can even be tucked away under a couch or bed if they are elevated above the floor.

For tougher reaches, you could also consider a telescopic extension ladder

5. EBook Guide Boondocking

boondocking ebook

Do you know someone that wants to get off the beaten path and learn the secrets to successful boondocking?

We put together a 65-page digital eBook on what you need to know to solve common boondocking issues, and how to get your rig “boondocking ready.” It’s easier than you think!

This eBook is a great choice since it is digital and will not take up any precious space in an RV or camper van! It’s one of the best gifts for RV owners, especially new RV owners. And if you prefer a PRINT copy – go here!

6. Charcoal Air Purifiers

13+ Best Gifts for RV Owners (2022) 2

Let’s face it, RVs can be stinky sometimes. Quarters are small, so any odor from the kitchen or restroom can permeate the entire RV.

If your rig has been sitting around for a while, it may just have a stale odor of old linens that can happen when not being used.

Give these charcoal air purifiers to help keep that RV smelling fresh. They are small and can be tucked out of the way. It’s small, practical, and affordable. So, it’s one of the best gifts for RV owners from those on a tight budget. Or, for those who are about to travel with a stinky family member!

7. Outdoor Portable Propane Fire Pit

13+ Best Gifts for RV Owners (2022) 3

This is a great gift for those RVers that love to enjoy an outdoor fire but do not want to lug or hassle with firewood.

Why is this fire pit one of the best gifts for RV owners? It can be turned on and off quickly, so you only have to hassle with a fire when you are ready to enjoy it. It is compact and comes with a travel bag to make transporting it a breeze.

For more options, check out Best Portable Camping Fire Pit (9 Top Picks)

8. Guide to the US National Parks

13+ Best Gifts for RV Owners (2022) 4

This all-encompassing book is a great addition to any RV traveler’s library. It includes information about all 59 National Parks, including photographs, maps, and hiking tables. It provides useful information for any RVer checking out our national treasures.

Arizona 7 day adventure ipad image

9. And how about OUR digital guidebooks that cover the following favorite destinations:    

●    Adirondacks

●    Arizona

●    Colorado

●    Florida’s Atlantic Coast

●    Florida’s Gulf Coast

●    Florida Keys

●    Great Lakes Shoreline

●    Natchez Trace

●    Southern Utah

●    Upper Peninsula

●    Yellowstone

The best part is that our eBooks are digital, so they don’t take up the limited space in an RV!

10. Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

13+ Best Gifts for RV Owners (2022) 5

Being on the road can be noisy. That is why these noise-canceling wireless headphones can be a great choice for any RVer. They can enjoy music, a podcast, or some other audio program while drowning out the loud road noise.

These headphones also come in handy for those that want to listen to something while their RV mate is trying to sleep. Since RV quarters can be small, these headphones allow two or more people to enjoy different activities without disturbing others. 

11. Wireless Backup Camera for Motorhome

13+ Best Gifts for RV Owners (2022) 6

Backing up an RV can be quite a task. Especially for those without a lot of experience or driving a new rig.

A backup motorhome camera can be the perfect gift to ease the tension of having to back up such a large vehicle. Not only does it cut down on the driver’s stress level, but it can be safer for everyone.

If this gift caught your attention, you should check out “Backing Up an RV” Learner’s Kit: Everything You Need.

12. US National Parks Scratch Off Poster

13+ Best Gifts for RV Owners (2022) 7

This unique poster allows the recipient to scratch off sections of the poster when visiting each national park.

When scratched, the picture reveals a hand-painted, unique image depicting the various national parks. It can be framed and includes 62 info cards.

13. Cartman 148-Piece Tool Set

13+ Best Gifts for RV Owners (2022) 8

This is one of the best gifts for RV owners who like practical gifts. This toolset can come in handy for many issues that a motorhome owner might face, from a loose screen door to a stuck trailer hitch. The possibilities are endless, so having awesome tools on hand can come in, well, handy.

This universal tool kit is compact. It can easily be stored in an outdoor hatch, utility closet, or cabinet. When RVing, you never know when you will need a tool, so you can’t go wrong with having a set on hand.

If you’d like to see more tool gifts for RVers, go to 10 Top Tools Every RVer Needs to Carry.

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