10 Things You Can Do to Your RV in the Camping World Design Center


Whether you’re a full-time RVer living life on the road or a weekend warrior venturing off to the next destination, your RV is your home on wheels. And like any home, your RV deserves some tender love and care. The Camping World Design Center helps your RV feel like home by being a one-stop-shop for all your RV design needs. If you’re not much of a DIYer or don’t have time to do the RV renovations you crave, Camping World’s design center can help by offering the tools, resources, and installations to upgrade your RV.

RVs should be functional, but you also want them to match your personal style. That’s where the Design Center comes in. From regular maintenance to appliance upgrades, DIY design updates, and even complicated non-DIY repairs, you’d rather leave to the pros – the Design Center and Camping World’s service technicians can do it all. 

There’s a Design Center at nearly every Camping World location across the country. Here are 10 things you can do to your RV in the Camping World Design Center.

Brighten Things Up

Lighting can make all the difference in setting the ambiance in your RV. The Camping World Design Center has residential-style LED lights designed for RVs. That means you can say goodbye to the usual dome lights and say hello to wall and ceiling fixtures that look like they belong in a custom home. If you don’t feel confident in your lighting installation skills, the Design Center team can help you. We opted for a battery-operated light when we wanted to brighten up our space but didn’t want to mess with electricity. Whether your style is modern, farmhouse, or traditional, the Design Center has something for everyone.

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Make a Statement from the Ground Up

RV Floor Update
Photo: Jenny Anderson

Updating the flooring in your RV can make a significant impact. Some RVs need an update because of wear and tear or water damage, while others might just need an updated look. The Camping World Design Center offers different options for flooring, including carpet, laminate, wood, and vinyl. Carpeting can feel classic, cozy, and safe for people who don’t want to worry about slipping. Laminate can look like hardwood with different wood grains and patterns. Wood is easy to maintain and a high-quality option, but it can add extra weight to your RV. Vinyl is easy to maintain and install and can be the most affordable option. Peel-and-stick flooring, floating laminate planks, and glued-down vinyl are DIY projects that any RV owner can tackle with time and the help of tutorial videos. But if you’re overwhelmed or simply don’t have time to remove and install flooring, a trained service technician at Camping World can help you.

Furnish Your RV with Style

Shopping for RV furniture can feel daunting, especially when you’re looking for functional yet stylish pieces that fit precisely to your RV. Check out the Camping World Design Center inventory instead of going from one store to another searching for furniture that fits your space. It offers sofas, sofa beds, captains chairs, recliners, ottomans, and tables that actually look good and are designed for RVs. That means no need to retrofit each piece of furniture to your RV. We went with a leather ottoman that doubles as a table with extra storage space for our RV. It’s functional, ergonomic, and stylish. 

Everything Plus the Kitchen Sink

Jenny Anderson RV Kitchen
Photo: Jenny Anderson

Is it time for a kitchen upgrade? The Camping World Design Center has some of the best RV appliances to choose from, including compact RV refrigerators, ovens with cooktops, microwaves, dishwashers, washer and dryer combos, ice makers, and deep freezers. Having a range with a cooktop has been a game-changer. It’s so easy to throw a pizza in the oven or boil up a pot of water for ramen – two essentials for our family when we’re in a rush for a meal. If you don’t want to mess with gas or water during installation, the service technicians at Camping World can uninstall old appliances and install new ones for you. 

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Treat Your Windows

The proper window treatment can make all the difference in getting quality sleep in an RV. Our kids, without fail, wake up early when we sleep without darkening shades which is why this was one of the first things we installed in our RV. The Camping World Design Center offers blinds, day-night shades, curtains and privacy curtains, power shades, and windshield shades. They come in different sizes, colors, and styles and allow you to let in as much or as little light into your RV.

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Make a Splash

Jenny Anderson RV Kitchen Backsplash
Photo: Jenny Anderson

One of the easiest ways to give your RV a custom, updated look is to add a backsplash to your kitchen or bathroom. Peel-and-stick backsplashes come in many patterns, textures, and styles. They’re easy to apply, durable, affordable, and a quick way to give your RV a mini facelift. We’ve used peel-and-stick subway tiles in two of our RV kitchens, and they not only look good but have lasted through some rigorous cooking in the kitchen. 

Tech-Savvy RV Life

Nothing says “old RV” like a tube TV in an oversized entertainment center. Tech-savvy RVers can still have the latest technology while on the road. The Camping World Design Center team can help you upgrade your flat-screen TVs, satellite systems, Bluetooth stereo systems, or Wi-Fi routers. A Wi-Fi router typically connects through your mobile network and allows you to connect to the internet wherever you are. That means no more random coffee shops to send emails or posts on Instagram. We love having a flat-screen TV in our RV for nights when the kids go to sleep early, and my husband and I want to enjoy a date night movie night. Our Bluetooth stereo system is convenient when we want to play our favorite morning playlist while making breakfast at our campsite.

Sleep in Comfort

RV Bedroom Bunk
Photo: Jenny Anderson

No matter what sort of adventure your RV takes you on, it’s hard to enjoy that adventure without getting a good night’s rest. We deserve to sleep in comfort whether at home or in our RV. The Camping World Design Center offers Sleep Number, Comfort Zone, and other memory foam mattresses of different thickness levels.

They can also create custom memory foam mattresses for beds that don’t come in standard sizes. Aside from mattresses, the Design Center can even create custom bed frames, including jack-knife beds. We turned to Camping World’s team of professionals to create and install two custom-sized jack-knife bunk beds for our RV. Now our family of four can fit and sleep comfortably when we’re on the road.

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Custom Cabinets

If there’s one thing RVers will agree on, it’s that there’s never enough storage. If the built-in cabinets are just not cutting it, the Camping World Design Center can change your old ones and build new custom cabinets. It’s an excellent opportunity to take out large entertainment systems and replace them with flat-screen TV cabinets or maybe get rid of them altogether by creating a slimmer profile cabinet to take up less space while providing more storage. The Design Center team can also help you pick new hardware and install them on every cabinet door.

Exterior Facelift

Jenny Anderson with RV
Photo: Jenny Anderson

I’ve focused a lot on the inside of the RV, but the outside of your RV deserves some attention too. The Camping World Design Center has a paint and graphics team that can restore RV exteriors and make them look brand new. Whether you want to remove old decals, add new graphics, or paint the exterior–the Design Center technicians can do it all.

The Camping World Design Center can help you with all of your RV changes, furniture, lighting, windows, and so much more! Stop by your local Camping World or make an appointment today.

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