Wreck of the RV Sarsia at East Float Dock

The wreck of the RV Sarsia at East Float Dock. Didn’t do very well on this picture but I uploaded anyway. I will redo it.




Quoted from an article by Dave Harding at Urban Ghosts Media


“Next to the quayside in a small area of derelict dockland within Birkenhead’s East Float Dock lies the partially submerged wreck of the RV Sarsia. Built at Dartmouth in 1953, the Sarsia was used by the National Marine Biological Association as a Fisheries research vessel up until 1979.


After passing into private ownership in the late 1980’s, she remained laid-up at East Float until she sank at berth in May 1998. The cause of the sinking has never been firmly established but one popular theory is that someone stole the sea cock which effectively scuttled the ship.”





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