White magic, black magic, both become my tools.

I believe in miracles, I don’t believe in sin. I believe in wizardry, I don’t believe in trends. White magic, black magic, which am I to choose? I believe that is up to me, I don’t believe in you. I believe in fairy tales, I don’t believe in lies, I believe in innocence, I don’t believe your eyes. White magic, black magic, what am I to do? Charmes and curses screaming from me, each one aimed at you. I believe in second chances, I don’t believe in firsts. I believe that it’s getting harder, I don’t believe in worse. White magic, black magic, both become my tools. Pressure rising, perish now, you optimistic fool!

(Saint Vitus – white magic / black magic; saint vitus LP, SST Records, 1984)


parking lot @ Hidden Valley Nature Trail, Joshua Tree National Park, November 06th 2017


[Leica M6 / Voigtländer Color-Skopar 35mm f2.5 / Kodak Tri-X 400]

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