TTI TCB-881 12/24V Multi-Standard Mobile CB Radio

TTI TCB-881 CB Radio is a feature packed 12/24v DC CB Radio with Dynamic Squelch

Product Features

  • Multi channel AM/FM CB.
  • Quick channel up and down.
  • Scan.
  • Keypad and remote lock.
  • PA capability.

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3 Responses to TTI TCB-881 12/24V Multi-Standard Mobile CB Radio

  1. J. A. Ancliffe says:

    go on treat yourself Getting this rig, was one of the best things id done for ages. I got it as a christmas present for myself and im glad because this considering its price, realy improved on my rx and tx/ recieve and transmit signals without having to upgrade my antenna. Then i was complimented on the improvement of its audio quality over my old rig wich was a midlands. I wont be parting with this rig as i will look at this rig as my first radio since my health has definatly recently improved, and so…memory,…

  2. paul regan says:

    Volume Button Issue

  3. Jacky says:

    Great looking