TTI TCB-555 is the upgraded version of the previously popular TCB-550N; the TCB-555 is an entry level, compact multi-standard mobile CB radio with built-in USB charger socket. The USB charger socket allows most modern devices requiring USB such as smartphones, notepads, SatNav, etc. to be charged or powered direct from the CB. It is packed full of features that you would expect from a compact modern CB (including Automatic Squelch). This model is perfect for those just starting out or expert CB users who wish to operate a CB which is simply laid out and easy to use. It has illuminated buttons for easy night-time use and is ideal for those wanting a neat and uncomplicated set with large volume and squelch knobs and good size LCD display with blue backlight. The TCB-555 is a competitively priced radio that offers excellent value for money; it is multi-standard so it can be used across many countries in Europe by switching to the appropriate country bands. The box includes a radio, microphone, microphone clip, mounting bracket and screws, power lead and instruction manual.

Product Features

  • 26.965Mhz to 27.405Mhz (CEPT) / 27.60125Mhz to 27.99125Mhz (UK)
  • AM/FM Operation (Subject to country regulations)
  • Suitable for 12v application
  • 4 Watts Output Power
  • Multiple Bands

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