Transcend Adhesive Mount 16 GB DrivePro 110 Car Video Recorder , TS16GDP110A

Product Features

  • Sony high-sensitivity image sensor
  • Smooth, detailed Full HD 1080p recording @ 30fps
  • Built-in battery ensures uninterruptible recording
  • Driver Fatigue Alert

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3 Responses to Transcend Adhesive Mount 16 GB DrivePro 110 Car Video Recorder , TS16GDP110A

  1. Michael says:

    Well worth the money I’ve been looking at the various types of these cameras for quite a while, trying to decide on the best buy. The general consensus is the quality of the display on a lot of the makes is not very good and if they are not, then there is not much point in having one if you are trying to prove you are the innocent party in a Road Traffic Accident.However the quality of the display on the DrivePro 200 is very good indeed. Played back on a 27″ HD television the picture quality is…

  2. A. Calver says:

    It’s a dash cam, not a camcorder! My first dash cam so I have no point of reference to compare this against. Decided to get one after a friend got out of two incidents where insurance would have gone 50/50 or against him and proved his innocence. Read / watched lots of reviews, went with the DP200 and never having owned one had few expectations.Its very light, you won’t really notice it lounging in a bag when you take it out the car, and it feels reasonably sturdy. Operating and setting it could be done in the dark…

  3. John R says:

    Okay- but beware if 2nd hand! This relatively expensive dash cam with basic features has been on the market for a few years now. I have three of them them fitted in two cars, that perform well- looking to install a 4th (for consistency). Two of the cameras were brand new one was pre-owned; all working fine, straight out of the box. Recently returned faulty 4th unit, advertised as ‘ex-display’, because it was impossible for me to set *’loop record’ which had been a simple two minute job to set everything up with the other…