TomTom GO 50 5 inch Sat Nav with Western European Maps and Lifetime Map and Traffic Updates

TomTom GO 50 (5.0 inch) Satellite Navigation System with Maps of Western Europe

Product Features

  • 5 inch widescreen resistive touchscreen
  • Integrated mounting with flip screen
  • Featuring enhanced lane guidance and route planning
  • Equipped with fixed speed camera alerts and spoken street names
  • Lifetime map updates of Western European with the latest map and traffic updates

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3 Responses to TomTom GO 50 5 inch Sat Nav with Western European Maps and Lifetime Map and Traffic Updates

  1. Salb says:

    Very Disappointing …Beware I have just used this particular model to travel down to Devon ,what a nightmare .My old Tom Tom was far superior even if the screen was smaller.One of the biggest issues was the screen contrast, it as so difficult to see the screen .It all looked rather muted and as i said lacked contrast. Also the voice command was extremely slow.On more than one occasion we had passed the junction,or didn’t have enough time to make the maneuver without causing an accident. I can’t understand why this is as…

  2. Rishi Verma says:

    Perfect Satnav I bought myself this for christmas. One thing I wanted to do was is use an actual satnav for directions and using your phone isnt always the best option. Yes, using your smartphone can be more easier but that use your data and battery.This Satnav is perfect as I can connect my phone to it over bluetooth tethering and get traffic updates which works perfectly. Unfortunately I cant get any notifications on the Satnav but thats not something I care about cause eyes need to be on the…

  3. Mrs. Elisabeth Harding says:

    Poor interface, poor keyboard, but directions are OK. Poor interface, awkward to use, but once underway the directions are good but the searching for addresses/postcodes is poor. The screen does not respond to all finger presses so mistypes are common which is annoying. On starting up, the unit says “Connected to computer” even though it is plugged into my car, and you have to click ‘back’ to get to the menu, there is no point to this, why not just present me with the menu from the start? TomTom have lost their way with the design of…