Throwback Thursday (91)

It is 2001 and RV 592 is seen at the bus terminus in UCD Belfield. It is waiting to depart with a 50X to Killinarden in Tallaght. the 50X had a lifespan of just under 20 years, starting in 1990 as part of the CitySpeed brand and ending in April 2009 during the review of the network and the removal of low usage routes. Although as the crow flies the distance between Tallaght and UCD is not great, the bus route operated via the City Centre, which added to its route length. Although route 50 was operated by Ringsend Garage, the 50X was one of the extra duties operated by Broadstone Garage.

The terminus at UCD Belfield has now been relocated and this location is now a lake and green area. The bus was withdrawn in 2011. 09/10/2001

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