TeckNet Bluetooth FM Transmitter Car Kit Wireless Sound Transmission With integrated USB 5V USB Car Charger Adapter

TeckNet Bluetooth FM Transmitter F36
Make calls safely and enjoy your portable music collection while you drive with the TeckNet F36 FM transmitter. Great value, easy to install and featuring a USB port, this handy bit of kit will also charge your device while you drive.

Grooves on the Go
Listen to your music collection in your smartphone or MP3 player through your car’s stereo system to enjoy your favourite tunes on the go

Nice and easy
Using the transmitter could not be easier. Simply pair with your phone using Bluetooth and tune into your car stereo using the FM radio

Dual Purpose
Handy additional USB port means you can charge another device while you’re driving, while the generous cable length allows back-seat passengers to select their music choice (if you let them!)

Built-in LCD display
Makes the transmitter easy to use at night, and the power adapter with USB port lets you charge your smartphone while you are driving.

TeckNet 18 Months Warranty:
At TeckNet, we believe in our products. That’s why we back them all with an 18-month warranty and provide friendly, easy-to-reach support

Product Features

  • Connects with your smartphone/MP3 player via Bluetooth
  • Transmits your favorite tunes from iPhone or MP3 players to your car’s FM stereo system.
  • Equipped with On-Board Volume, Play Settings, and Phone Controls. The compact design ensure a good fit in nearly any vehicle.
  • Built-in USB port to charge your phone or other device while driving
  • Full FM radio frequency range from 88.1 to 107.9MHz, can satisfy your need and preference for different frequency channels.

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3 Responses to TeckNet Bluetooth FM Transmitter Car Kit Wireless Sound Transmission With integrated USB 5V USB Car Charger Adapter

  1. andreas says:

    but found it didn’t quite fit perfect in the 12v socket I first tested this in a 2010 Ford Fiesta, but found it didn’t quite fit perfect in the 12v socket. It worked fine, but occasionally disconnected and took a few seconds to reconnected. Fortunately, this car already has full Bluetooth functionality and was only being used as a test. I’ve since tried it in other cars and it’s fit much better. I’d suggest buying it and trying it as you can always send it back to Amazon should it not fit your vehicle.In the very well sealed box, you’ll…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was very sceptical about some of the glowing reviews already posted.Bur wanted a tidy cable-free solution for my Citroen C1 (like an Aygo or Peugeot 107).This is a compact mushroom like design not much larger than a car USB power adapter.I’ll mention a few things perhaps not in the other reviews;- With my iPhone, it always connects quickly and automatically once the ignition is on.- Oddly, when a phone call is made the sound comes out of the…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’ve used Bluetooth and radio transmitters before after becoming sick of the clutter of CD’s and the constant stuttering of music through my dated CD player in the car, but through a mixture of congested FM frequency and pour power in the broadcaster I’ve never had much success.This dohicky however is great, you plug it into a cigarette light connect your phone (in my case iphone 6 plus) either via Bluetooth or USB and match the frequency on the transmitter to a clear frequency on…