UNIKEL Lidar Range Finder Sensor Module Single-Point TFmini Micro Ranging Module Lidar Detectors with Cable for Arduino Raspberry Pi Pixhawk

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Operating Range : 0.3-12m
Maximum operating range at 10% reflectivity : 5m
Applicable voltage range : 4.5-6V
Average power consumption : 0.12W
Acceptance angle : 2.3°
Communication interface : UART
Electromagnetic Compatibility(EMC):EN … Continue reading

Bluelover DIY Ultrasonic Ranging Module Radar Alarm Kit Based on 51 Single Chip For Arduino

1, Key Description:
From the first on the left, – key, + key, setting key.
2, SCM model: STC89C52.
3, Can set the alarm distance, press the set button, you can press plus, minus key, you can modify the alarm … Continue reading