Retevis RT24 Walkie Talkies PMR446 License-free Two Way Radio 16 Channels Scan TOT with USB Charger and Earpieces (Black, 1 Pair)

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Licence-free walkie talkies
PMR 446, 0.5w output power, fixed antenna these technical parameters make Retevis RT24 walkie talkie a completely legal radio in UK and Europe.
What is PMR446? … Continue reading

Midland GB1 PMR446 UHF Licence-Free Transceiver Kit with Microphone and Micro Magmount Antenna

UK Version – Midland introduces into the market the first vehicular PMR446. GB1, small and compact, has a metal chassis guaranteeing sturdiness and durability. Although the GB1 has the looks of a modern CB , it works on the frequencies of a standard UHF PMR466 radio, with the big advantage of not being subject to … Continue reading