Microfuzion Express – The Uks Lowest Priced GPS Based Speed Camera Detection System – Detects All Speed Cameras

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The new MICRO FUZION Express GPS camera warning system uses GPS satellite technology to keep constant track of your position against its integrated database of cameras and known police speed check areas. Using both voice alerts and LED display this … Continue reading

Microfuzion Voice Car Radar Laser Speed Gun Camera Gatso Detector Worldwide Detection

Built-in voice alerts warns you verbally of police radar traps (uses patented voice express technology) Detects police radar guns (undetectable by GPS detectors) Detects X, Ku, K, Superwide Ka radar bands Selectable bands – X, Ku, K, Ka Band On / Off Provides 360 degree … Continue reading

Latest Microfuzion X313 Car Radar Laser Gun Speed Camera Gatso Detector Worldwide Detection

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Product Features

  • Detects X, K, KA, KU Bands. VG-2 Detection. 360 degree detection
  • Colour LED crystal clear display. Selectable periscope LED alert. Dim mode. Auto Mute / Mute mode
  • City / Highway mode. Selectable alert tone. High sensitivity … Continue reading

Microfuzion Elite GPS Mirror Safety Camera Warning System – Detects All Speed Cameras and Includes Free Speed Camera Updates For Life

Can be used simultaneously as a GPS receiver for navigation applications operating on PC or Pocket PC (optional cable available). Simple voice alerts, no messing about with confusing lights etc… High definition LCD Display shows the speed your car is travelling at (more accurate than … Continue reading

Microfuzion Latest X212 Car Radar/Laser Gun/Speed/Camera/Gatso Detector Worldwide Detector

Latest X212 Radar Detector with Voice Alerts – Includes the latest antenna better than any other on the market – Warns you of speed traps well in advance allowing you to slow down – 100% legal in the UK – Has worldwide detection so will … Continue reading