SPARES2GO Anti-Jamming Radio Mains Filter Suppressor for Candy Washing Machine / Tumble Dryer – Fitment List A

Product Features

  • Anti-Jam Mains Filter Suppressor made for SPARES2GO to fit Candy Washing Machines, Washer Dryers or Tumble Dryers
  • Fits models: 2-VERSION, AB CIV 139XC, ACT SMART 13, ACT109ACRS, ACT840ACRS, ALCB103TR, ALISE CB8.44, ALISE’ CMD 106-S, ALISE’ CSW 105, AQ100TR, AQ130/1T-80, AQUA 10 T, AQUA 1000 T, AQUA 1000 T – 45, AQUA 1000 T – 80, AQUA 1000T METAL, AQUA 800 T, AQUA 800T – 45, AQUA 8T CE, AQUAV.CE101, AUTOS.120TR, AUTOS.130TR, C 1025-37, C 514-80/1, C1 105-14S, C1 125-14S, C1 506-01S, C1 507-01S, C1 508-01S
  • and models: C2 085.5-ARG, C2 095-16S, C2 095-RU, C2 105-84, C2 105-RU, C2 115-47, C2 125-47, C2 125-86S, C2 145-84, C2 145-86S, C2 510-01S, C2 512-01S, C2105-47, CA106TR, CB1023TR, CB1024T, CB1033TR, CB103TR, CB1043TR, CB1053TR, CBD100.65-04, CBD1060-37CO, CBD1161-37, CBD1163-37S, CBD116-37, CBD116-37SME, CBD125-14, CBD125-84, CBD136-37, CBD85.65-04S, CBD96-37, CE1055TTEMPO
  • and models: CG1054T, CI100T, CI100TR, CI1016TR, CI101XTR, CI1022TPR, CI120TR, CI950TR, CIN 100 T UK, CIN126TL-37S, CKD CB 83 TR, CKD CB 83 TR S/M, CKD CL2 138 SY, CL2127-36S, CM1 146-80, CM1 146S-80, CM146TXT-14M, CM2 086 – 01, CM2 106.5-04S, CM2 106-01, CM2 106-16S, CM2 106S-01S, CM2 126-03S, CM2 136/1-47, CM2 136-47, CM2 146-47, CM2 146-86S, CM2 610-37, CM2 611S-37, CM2076-18S, CM2086-18S
  • and models: CM2106.5AR, CM211-37S, CM2116-37S, CM2126-14, CM2126-47, CM2136-14, CMD 126-01, CMD 136-80, CMD 146-80, CN126T-80, CN136T-80, CNA135-80, CNE128TV-01S, CNL 085-03S, CNL 105-37S, CNL 125-84S, CNL 136-47S, CNL 145-83S, CNL 69-01S, CNL135AQ-80, CNV 256-80, CNWD 136-80, CNWD 146-80, CS1 105-16S, CS2 075-01, CS2 085-16S, CS2 085-RU LINE, CS2 094-03S, CS2 094-RU, CS2 104-03S

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