Snooper Sapphire GPS Speed Camera Detector With Voice & Rechargeable Battery

Snooper Sapphire – The most stunning Speed Camera Detector available

Today we face new threats, namely road safety and speed cameras. Snooper now bring you the ultimate in GPS speed camera detection systems… The Sapphire.

Exceptional design and build quality are merely the external features of this amazing portable device. But look inside and you´ll discover the real genius behind this phenomenal GPS speed camera detection system. As you would expect from Snooper, the Sapphire is driven by the unique AURA database providing you with not only the best looking speed camera detector on the market… but also the best performance available. An ultra sensitive GPS antenna gives you excellent reliability and voice and visual warnings keep you alert and focussed!

Product Features

  • GPS Speed Camera Detector With Voice & Rechargeable Battery
  • Ultra Slim, Ultra compact
  • Fully Portable
  • LCD Display: 1.75 inch TFT Digital LCD
  • Up to 10 screen colour combinations
  • Voice Alerts
  • Speed Limit Alerts
  • Earphone socket for motorcycle use
  • Detects all Fixed Site Cameras, Mobile Safety Van Sites
  • Accident Blackspots
  • Mobile Laser Sites
  • Covers UK and Europe

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3 Responses to Snooper Sapphire GPS Speed Camera Detector With Voice & Rechargeable Battery

  1. BerryPomeroy says:

    Audio Messages Annoying Works very well, Picked up a speed camera in the back of a van in a layby.The audio messages can be annoying if you are on a long journey but it can be turn off, I find the beeps are more acceptable.It took over twenty four hours from registration before I could download the latest data. Initially the software failed to load on my PC and had to go to the website to download the driver.It appears that if you cancel your update fee they charge you £25 for reconnection…

  2. Pealchab says:

    Snooper Sapphire GPS Speed Camera Detector

  3. Mathew Mcrae says:

    Snooper Sapphire GDP Speed Camera Detector I’ve had the Snooper Sapphire for over a year and, if I’m honest, I’ve very rarely used it. I’m not a speeding driver and always tend to drive carefully, but these devices are designed to give you piece of mind – something which the Sapphire has failed to do. The accuracy of the database is questionable, due to the fact that not all speed camera locations (including fixed cameras) are recognised.As said above, I tend not to use the Sapphire anymore. There’s arguably little…