Snooper 4Zero GPS Fixed & Mobile Speed Safety Camera Detector

The very best in speed trap detection, Snooper 4Zero brings together GPS fixed camera and mobile laser speed gun detection into one brilliant device. Notable features include: • Fixed GPS and mobile laser speed trap detection • AuraTM GPS speed trap database* • 1 mile detection range • Europe-wide coverage • A windscreen mount and in-vehicle power cable Protect yourself against speeding fines and improve road safety with a Snooper 4Zero in your vehicle. Get yours today. *Subscription charges apply

Product Features

  • GPS, Laser and Radar Detector
  • 1 mile detection range
  • Voice and Beep Alerts

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2 Responses to Snooper 4Zero GPS Fixed & Mobile Speed Safety Camera Detector

  1. KeithW says:

    Seems to do the job Having just been caught unexpectedly exceeding the speed limit, I decided to invest in this unit as it is apparently the only device available capable of identifying all types of speed camera, both through GPS of fixed ones and picking up radar and laser devices. I do around 40,000 business miles a year, so thought this would be critical in helping me get around without exceeding speed limits.Not immediately obvious, but you have to pay an ongoing subscription for the updates. But it is…

  2. Phil The Gap says:

    Worth a read….. I’ve been using this product daily for about a year. Recently I was debating it’s virtues with a friend who was also thinking about purchasing one but was confused by some of the reviews he’d read here and on other sites. Having put him right on his queries I thought I could help others by posting here. If I’m teaching you to suck eggs my apologies, but for those who want to make an informed purchasing decision, please read on.The Snooper 4 Zero is actually quite a sophisticated device…