Sirio Signalkeeper 1.3m CB Radio Loft Antenna

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3 Responses to Sirio Signalkeeper 1.3m CB Radio Loft Antenna

  1. badges says:

    performance in small package. Antenna came within time scale. Initially was ordered for internal loft use but mounted outside on 10 foot steel pole. Easy to erect and made very well. S.w.r didn’t need much adjustment. 1.5-2. Antenna is about 8 feet in total and mounting size is between 35mm -40mm. 1.5″ mast . Can be mounted on steel and plastic mast with s.w.r within scale. Antenna performs well for its size but performance is not as good and larger antenna. Still works good on dx signals on both receiving and transmit…

  2. Duckpole says:

    Nice aerial.

  3. Amazon Customer says:

    Five Stars