SAT NAV for Trucks (Truck), Cars, Caravan and Camper Radar Warner Free Map Update Europe Card 47 Countries – Hazardous Materials. Free Sun Visor.

‘NEW 4.3 inch GPS navigation device drive 4.3 for trucks, cars, caravans, bus, camper van
– Supports up to 32 GB TF card
Almost 48000 campsites and truck areas for throughout the Europe, 8500 trailer carports and lorry carports in roof
– POI, poi Speedcam FM Transmitter, GPS + Photo + Video + MP3 + eBook FM Transmitter, MP-500 MP-530 MP-600 MP-600R MP-610 MP-800 MP-800R MP-810 MP-830 3 & video player – Latest card europe including free update
– Radar Warne (fixed installation and mobile phone and traffic light speed cameras).
– POI (point of interest)
– 3D landscape, and 3D buildings in large cities europe
TTS (text to speech), text-to-speech: in addition to voice function to Abbieger coating and remove is also called the road name for better orientation.
Truck/Bus – Specific settings: Length, Width, Height, Weight, Number of Axes, with or without pendant, charge Appearance of dangerous in 16 dangerous risk groups and it can also charge at the same time several different goods Select depending on your mood.
Route Planning and Routenaufzeichung, driving pen for 2 drivers, drive system, fuel consumption, etc.
– Display Bridge heights, tunnel, verengten with roads, track grooves truck, Überholverboten Überhängen, trees, steilen curves, slopes, and assistance, large labelling of Autobahn crosses, highway extend the rod, and you’re ready break and truck courts, car parks
– Built-in game: Bubblets, Othello, Tetris, snake, Kyodai, – Landlords.
Box Contents:
‘-1 x GPS navigator drive – 4.3-inch For with 4.3 touch screen 8GB internal memory with latest cards Europe
– 1 x Car Charger 12 V – 40 V
– 1 x USB cable
1 x Car Mount
– 1 x Free Sun Visor Sun Protection
– 1 x manuals in one of the following languages: English (in German if required via email as a pdf)

Product Features

  • 4.3 inches navigation drive – 4.3-inch for lorry, bus, caravan and normal car type… fast 48000 Truck/campsites, lorry poi for entire Europe… 8GB internal memory (4GB even free for music, video etc Type and supports up to 32GB TF), Windows CE 6.0 surface/12 V/24/40 V
  • 24 hours phone service: Free maps update (Anshli piece as long as the updated software and the device Diec technical requirements for new cards).ROM: 128MB SDRAM: 128MB – Operating System: Wind Owsce 6, 800X272 Auflüsung
  • Trucks, Car, Caravan and bus 47 countries Europe Map including Turkish and Russia
  • More than 20 navigation menu languages including English and German
  • ‘Box contents: & # x2022; 1 x GPS Navigator with 4.3 Touch Screen 8GB Internal Memory with Aktuel map of Europe), 1x Car Charger, 1 x USB Cable, Car Holder lens hood, instruction manual (instructions in English (to German PDF)

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