RV Parking For Rent

RV parking , I don’t understand how people who live in RV’S think they should pay min. to rent land for their RV. The people who have looked at my RV pad and land wanted me to take less rent money because they 1) Have limited income 2) Don’t have a job yet 3) Did not want to spend that much 4)They are having hard times and could I help them out. 5) they have 5 dogs and 3 cats and could I build a fence 6) ” I love to garden could I dig up the hardscape to plant a garden.” 7) We can’t spend much we are saving to buy a house. [So I should take less so you can save money , NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.] 8) WE are saving money to move. 9) I am a single parent. [OK , I did not knock you up or run off with your wife , it is not my fault your a single parent. Not everyone is here to help you raise your family and fix your life.] WELCOME to the central coast , it is expensive. Rental facts: Pad is 45 ‘ x 20’ , The entire space is 100 ‘ x 120 ‘ , water . electric , trash, fenced for A dog. $550 monthly , you need ID , RV ins, 4 references , proof of income, First , last and deposit.IT IS A DEAL.

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