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Mark Polk

EDITOR’S NOTE: RV Education 101, the longtime education resource for RV consumers founded and operated by Mark and Dawn Polk, recently published its May 2021 newsletter. Articles and videos in this issue include, among others, whether it’s safe to use leveling jacks to lift RV tires off the ground, how to inspect RV tires and helpful advice to get RVs ready for the camping season. Below is Mark Polk’s introduction to the May 2021 issue.

A year ago In April, the RV industry and RV consumers lost one of the leading RV educators in the business. Gary Bunzer, The RV Doctor, passed away from Covid 19. Gary provided his expertise to the RV industry and to RV owners for more than 35 years. He produced expert RV content on every RV topic imaginable. After Gary finished a seminar he always took whatever amount of time was necessary to answer and explain everybody’s questions. I was fortunate to know Gary as a colleague and a friend. He is missed by his family, friends, the RV industry and RV owners. Gary was an RV expert.

On the other side of the coin you have people who think they are RV experts. The RV lifestyle is full of people who leave the corporate world behind, sell everything they own and buy an RV to live and travel in. To supplement whatever income they have, they decide to start a blog and offer other RV owners advice on using and maintaining their RVs. Some add the claim of “expert advice”. I don’t know why, but lots of these non technical bloggers stray to the technical side of things.

I witnessed this firsthand more than I care to think about. In one video, the guy says he doesn’t have any propane heat in the RV, as he reaches toward the roof air conditioner vents feeling for heat.I thought surely he didn’t mean that, until he did it again. In another example I read an article that went out to thousands of people in a newsletter. The article was about towing a trailer, and the technical information about tow capacities was completely wrong. This misinformation is dangerous to anyone who reads that article. The list of misinformation goes on and on.

My point is, when you read blog posts, or watch RV videos make sure the information is vetted by an expert. Read the “About Us” section of the blog. If the guy, or girl was an advertising executive in their past life and they are telling you how to tow your trailer, be cautious about accepting the advice. You need to vet the RV masters and RV experts to find out who they really are.

This problem has grown exponentially since more and more people choose to live full-time in RVs while looking for ways to supplement their income. The good news is there are places you can go to get vetted RV information. Another colleague and friend, Chris Dougherty, recently started a new digital magazine along with other longtime RV industry veterans. The name of the magazine is RV Enthusiast, (see special offer below). There are other places to get vetted RV information, like the RV Safety & Education Foundation and from Jeff Johnston on Rollin On TV and of course from yours truly at our RV Online Training site.

Be careful where you get your RV information from. Vet the sources before accepting the information as accurate and true.The best way to enjoy the RV lifestyle is by learning from the pros.

Enjoy the newsletter, and as always if you have family or friends who like RVs and the RV lifestyle please share with them too.

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