Road Angel Gem Deluxe + GPS Fixed & Mobile Speed Safety Camera Laser Detector NEW 2015 Model

Just released the new revised version – Road Angel Gem DELUXE + 2015 Model – Revised Model. The UK’s most accurate and comprehensive safety camera & black-spot locator

ROAD ANGEL Gem DELUXE + is the forerunner in speed management devices. In addition to the most accurate warnings of approaching safety cameras and road blackspots, new slim-line design, and new improved user interface, Road Angel Gem Deluxe + provides road-speed information, so that drivers can know what the limit is, on any stretch of road that they drive on. The new Gem+ unit incorporates a new, soft touch, rubberised case design. The Gem+ contains screen enhancements, new brightness controls, voice alert OFF setting, Auto day/night setting, alert mute setting, improved audio and additional volume control settings.

Product Features

  • What Differentiates the Deluxe + From the Standard Model? Protective Case Windscreen Mount Hardwire Lead Longer USB Lead
  • Fixed safety cameras Mobile safety cameras Average speed monitoring zones Blackspot areas School zones Congestion charge zones Fatigue warnings, and Un-gated Railway crossings
  • Road Speed Limit Display
  • eAssist Feature
  • CameraShareTM

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3 Responses to Road Angel Gem Deluxe + GPS Fixed & Mobile Speed Safety Camera Laser Detector NEW 2015 Model

  1. A Genealogist says:

    Avoid! It didn’t work very well. Poor battery life. A full charge lasted less than an hour rather than the quoted three. Speed limits on some rural roads incorrect. Showed a 50mph limit in what was a 30mph limit in a residential area- Did not report any static cameras that I passed, nor schools. Reported incorrect locations for mobile camera vans (it got one regular location correct, but just the one.) Poor windscreen mount (loose and rattles. it really needed 3 suckers rather than two…

  2. M. D. Tomkinson says:

    Good but I hate the mounting Good for the many miles of M way which are covered by average speed cameras. This device tracks you speed between cameras giving the average and therefore providing you watch your speed you should be Ok. It is easy to lose concentration after miles of this type of driving and therefore this is a useful aid.In general terms it is good although needs an annual subscription to keep it updating. My main dislike is the swivel mount on the bottom. It will not stick to most dashes and…

  3. William R. says:

    … just gone down again i shall not spend more good money on registered post return which they ask for …