Retevis RT24 Walkie Talkies PMR446 License-free Two Way Radio 16 Channels Scan TOT with USB Charger and Earpieces (Black, 1 Pair)


Licence-free walkie talkies
PMR 446, 0.5w output power, fixed antenna these technical parameters make Retevis RT24 walkie talkie a completely legal radio in UK and Europe.
What is PMR446?
PMR446 (Personal Mobile Radio, 446 MHz) is a part of the UHF radio frequency range that is open without licensing for business and personal use in most countries of the Europe area.
Retevis RT24 walkie talkies is such a professional radio, which you can rest assured to use and no need to worry about the license problem.

Long Range and Long Standby
The range reaches about 1 to 2 km in the city depending on the working environments and 2-3 km in open field; In standby mode, the battery can last about 40 hours and in normal use, the battery can last 8-12 hours, enough for indoor and outdoor activities.

Walkie talkie with USB charger makes your trip and use earsier
When you are outside on a trip, there is no socket around you, do not worry, you could charge the radio into the cigarette lighter in the car.
The included USB cable is also compatible with the ordinary mobile phone adapter, you could also charge the walkie talkie with your phone adapter to the socket.

Channels: 16
Private code: 50CTCSS 210DCS
Voltage Rating: 3.7V DC
Battery: lithium-ion 1100mAh
Output power: 0.5w
Size: 230 * 62 * 34mm per piece
Weight: 193g (battery included) per piece

What’s in the box
2 x Retevis RT24 walkie talkies pmr 446
2 x Batteries
2 x USB Chargers
2 x Belt Clips
2 x Sling
2 x Earpieces
1 x User’s manual

Product Features

  • License-free walkie talkies: Retevis RT24 walkie talkie is a professional, easy-to-use two way radio operating on the frequencies PMR 446; Completely legal in UK and Europe area, you could use it freely without worrying about the problem of legality
  • 16 channels and 50CTCSS 210DCS: prevent the two way radio from receiving unwanted signal and not being interrupted by third party communications, launching a fast and direct private call in your family group, colleagues, friends etc.
  • Portable walkie talkies: suitable for your hands, easy to carry; Belt clip, sinple to install and disassemble, no need for screws; Channel indicator: Digits around the channel switch indicate the current channel clearly
  • USB charger for charging in vehicle, simple and convenient: Walkie Talkie and battery can be charged in the charger base by USB cable provided, very convenient for outdoor activities, such as excursions, campsites, hiking etc. where it’s not easy to find plugs for charging
  • Simple operation: on the same channel, these two walkie talkies can communicate with each other directly, they already have the same frequencies and the same private code CTCSS/DCS out of the box, easy to use, suitable for adults, children, the aged as well as groups, companies, such as schools, restaurant, farm, clubs, store etc.

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3 Responses to Retevis RT24 Walkie Talkies PMR446 License-free Two Way Radio 16 Channels Scan TOT with USB Charger and Earpieces (Black, 1 Pair)

  1. Stacey says:

    Great range and clear voice These walkie talkies are brilliant! I bought this model as i needed some walkie talkies that didn’t need a licence, but that were reliable enough to keep a signal whilst being in a vehicle. I bought 4 so that we can communicate directions while convoying to events in our cars and these are perfect. They work at quite a distance – I once tested them and they worked nearly a mile away! They are easy to operate and adjust the volume and channels. They have a clear sound and an indicating light…

  2. Harv Stembridge says:

    Cd?? What cd??……. UPDATE !!! Ok. I was contacted by the seller after posting this review….. They have sent me the lead and cd with the software that enables me to access the vox features.. As to the units themselves… They are of stunningly good quality…they remain perfectly quiet until used and the range even in a forest was surprising..intact better than any others I have owned…so overall a very positive experience…and they tell me they have updated the description so no one erlse should be caught out by…

  3. Bradley says:

    Simply amazing radios I bought these to replace my aging H-777’s, I just amazed at the quality and the range that they have simply amazing.Easy to program which was a puls and the fact that the software is simple and easy to use.The scramble does work as once I had program my old radios I turn on both the r-24’s and the h-777’s. Once that’s done you change them to the same channel, any one on the same channel in the area can’t hear what is being said over the radios including the h777’s you…