Radar Detectors for Cars / with 360 Degree Detection Radar Fast Response Voice Alert and Car Speed Alarm System City/Highway Mode Radar Detector Kit.

This radar detector complies with the appropriate FCC approval and labeling requirements.

Material: Plastic

Color: Black Radar Detector

Size: 5.7 x 3.3 x 3.3 inches

Weight: 0.39lb

Power: 12V

Voltage: 1000mA

X-BAND: 10.525GHz /- 100MHz, detectable distance: 1500-2500m

K-BAND: 24.150GHz /- 175MHz, 1200-2500m

KU-BAND: 13.450GHz /- 125MHz, 450-1500m

KA-BAND: 34.700GHz /- 1300MHz, 800-1500m

VG-2: 11.150GHz /- 410MHz

Wireless duplex transmission frequency: 2.4GHz 410MHz

Function Operation:

“UP”: Volume will be increased pressing this button

“DN”: Volume will be down pressing this button

“MEU”: Screen will be become brighter to press this button

“MENU”: pressing this button to shift between the city mode and
high way mode, it will change the language to Russia or English if press this button over 5 times.

Package Includes

1 x Radar Detector

1 x Power Cord

1 x Non-slip Mat

1x User Manual


1.PLEASE make sure that you have at least 2 inch of space to install.

Product Features

  • ✅【REAL-TIME TICKET-PROTECTION】: Ultra-Performance, Super Long Range Laser Radar Detection, Support 360-degree full-band scanning,These radar bands include conventional and instant-on X-band, K-band, High accuracy to avoid false alerts. Based on speed and settings, the alerts you receive will be tailored to fit your drive.
  • ✅【CITY/ HIGHWAY MODES OPTION】 : The user can select the operating model in city or highway models which can reduce the false frequency in densely populated urban areas. Extreme range super heterodyne technology and super-fast sweep circuitry hep you to extra the range and the accuracy of detection.
  • ✅【CLEAR VOICE ALERTS】: Unique voice warnings allow for hands-free operation and provide crystal clear communication. Based on your speed, alerts are tailored to fit your location and movement. Allowing you to keep your eyes on the road with no distractions.
  • ✅【INSTANT-on ready】: Plug the product on the car charger,and it starts work,Ultra-Performance, Super Long Range Laser 360-degree Radar Detection .Voice adjustment ,Exchange of Language ,Mute setting&It will back to vocal to vocal alerting again from the status of mute. You’ll have Service wherever the road takes you.
  • ✅【 WHAT YOU GET】 : 1 x Radar Detector, 1 x Power Cord (DC12V), 1 x Anti Slip Mat and the package box with user guide. 12-Month Warrangty. We guarantee the quality of our products. If you have any questions about the product, please contact us by email and we will resolve your issue within 24 hours as soon as possible.

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