Philips ADR61BLX1 ADR 610 Full HD Car Driving Video Recorder Dashcam

Product Features

  • Crystal-clear images in all driving conditions
  • Hassle-free and reliable with emergency support
  • Impartial evidence any time

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2 Responses to Philips ADR61BLX1 ADR 610 Full HD Car Driving Video Recorder Dashcam

  1. Mrs. Bryony A. Shaw says:

    Need a Micro-Sd before you can use. This dashcam is a fairly compact and light device, which looks pretty smart. In the box there is the camera itself, a windscreen mount with a sticky pad, a very long power cord (normal car cigarette lighter plung on one end, mini USB on the other), and a spare sticky pad. A micro-SD card is required to use the camera at all, and is not supplied.Finding a good location was difficult – the quick start guide suggests under the rear-view mirror which I did decide on in the end. However, the…

  2. BCB & More says:

    Not a bad bit of kit but could do with adding a … This is a very compact little camera, which hides neatly behind my rear-view mirror. The wire is long enough to route around the windscreen (tucking it under the window seal) and under dashboard trim in the passenger footwell, to the cigarette lighter.Note that it needs a permanent power connection to operate, so you’ll need to get a splitter device if you also need power for a sat nav or phone charger (or to light a cigarette!).It doesn’t come with any memory card, so…