Oasser GPS Receiver Module with Car Suction Cup for Car Camera

Package including:

1* GPS Receiver Module
1* Small disc

How to use GPS receiver module?
1. Take down the suction cup mount of the dash cam and then install this GPS receiver module on the dash cam.
2. When you use it with the dash cam, this receiver module would automatically receive GPS signal when you’re in the open area. There’s a green GPS mark showed on the top right corner of the display after the receiver module is successfully connected. Moreover, there’s car driving speed information (Speed Unit: KMPH or MPH) showed at the bottom of the display.
3. If you want to check the video file recorded by the dash cam on your computer, please unzip the file (in the small disc) on your computuer and open the folder to find the player software. Then please install it on your computer.
4. Please connect your dash cam to your computer, and use this player to play those video files.
5. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

Product Features

  • Please use it with Oasser car camera. Then you could check the movement track of vehicle on special player.
  • Comes with CD which has special player software for you to install. But please note that it is only suitable for Windows system.
  • Please note that this GPS receiver module is only suitable for Windows system (not for Apple iOS system).

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