Nextbase Front and Back Dual Lens In-Car DVR Dash Camera with Digital Driving Video Recorder DUO HD

Product Features

  • Rotating twin cameras view forwards and backwards simultaneously. Forward facing camera – 140 degree wide angle lens & 720p HD recording (30fps). Rear facing camera – 50 metre zoom lens to record through rear windscreen and capture detail of cars behind you.
  • Bright, clear 2.0 inch 16:9 LED screen for easy viewing. Instant evidence to support insurance claims to help prove an incident was not your fault.
  • Built in GPS and G sensor record location, speed and force data. Software supplied shows dual video playback combined with GPS map and G forces (PC and Mac).
  • Both cameras use Multi-Element Sharp Lenses to provide stunning clear images. Inbuilt image processing enhances video quality bright and dark conditions.
  • Loop recording feature prevents recording from stopping when the SD card is full. Easy to install with 4m 12v power cable and window mount included.

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3 Responses to Nextbase Front and Back Dual Lens In-Car DVR Dash Camera with Digital Driving Video Recorder DUO HD

  1. Simon says:

    A top end product, excellent video quality and great software included After reading many reviews including user videos, I finally decided it was time to get a dashcam. Without hesitation I decided to go for a Nextbase as not only have they received top marks from customers but the 402G model was awarded Best Buy by Which magazine. The camera arrived well packaged and includes a number of accessories such as a HDMI cable for direct TV playback, generous length power cord with a fused 12V accessory/cigar lighter adaptor, USB cable (for connecting to a computer), a…

  2. xmasbread says:

    Worth every penny in making one feel more secure. A hint for installing the wiring. A good look at the parts of the car to be traversed by the wiring would suggest a suitable path for the wiring so that it doesn’t look untidy. To fix the wiring in place I have used a combination of Velcro to fix the wiring in place against the carpet up under the dash where it passes across the foot-well to the power point. To fix it to the hard surfaces and the windscreen I have used discreet buds of butyl bedding mastic. The latter, rather like very sticky…

  3. doodallybloke says:

    NextBase 512G. Very pleased with mine. Good unit(s) I recently travelled up to Newcastle from the Bristol area and therefore had ample opportunity to ‘test’ this NextBase 512g dash cam. I had purchased 2 cameras. One for myself and one for my Wife’s car. As such I was able to install one camera facing front and the other facing rear accordingly. Both units were faultless and kept recording over what turned out to be an approx 6+hr driving journey. Both units functioned brilliantly with image quality and sound spot on. I had installed a 32gb…