Motorola TLKR-T50 2 Way Radio with Charger (Pack of 2)

Motorola TLKRT50 UK Twin Pack Chgr P14MAB03A1AU Motorola Airsys

Product Features

  • Licence-free 8 channel Radio with up to 6km range (subject to terrain and conditions)
  • Backlit LCD display with battery indicator and keypad lock
  • Carrying loop and belt clip

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3 Responses to Motorola TLKR-T50 2 Way Radio with Charger (Pack of 2)

  1. Cheeseminer says:

    Free from interference at last, but be very aware of belt clip replacement cost. Our guesthouse and garden is so big my wife and I find we need a pair of radios to easily find each other! We had previously used a pair of basic radios but the interference from similar radios on the same channel, taxis and radio hams was a continual nuisance. These Motorola ones, with each of the 8 channels having a large number of codes to choose from, means that the interference problem is entirely eliminated. The audio quality is very good and the volume goes plenty loud enough for when…

  2. Ian Hamlett says:

    Check the price of TLKR-T60 Very pleased with these so far. They come in one of those blister packs that you need a mighty sword to open. Charger (with two connections) and rechargeable batteries included but it will also take 4x AAA batteries. The range seems about right at 6km but remember that’s in ideal conditions. Put some buildings or trees in the way and the range drops.Check the price of the TLKR-T60 if you’re looking at these. They were only a little more expensive when I bought mine but they have a…

  3. B A Conyers says:

    Motorola TLKR-T50 2-Way Radio with Charger The 2-way radios were purchased as a Christmas gift for the grandchildren, to use to communicate with each other when playing in the local forest.The radios have a professional feel, are very solidly constructed and look durable, what we would expect from the brand. Already, the children have had loads of fun using the devices. I have one negative comment, however, the rather Mickey Mouse clip-on charging cables, rather than a charging rack for recharging of the batteries, A great…