Mio Spirit 8670 LM Truck FEU Navigation – Black

Product Features

  • Road speed limit information and parking assistance so journeys long or short are safe and easy
  • Hands free calling including a built in speaker
  • 6.2 inches touch screen that has spoken street names
  • Mio More desktop application and includes full Europe maps (44 countries)
  • Lifetime map updates and lifetime safety camera updates

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3 Responses to Mio Spirit 8670 LM Truck FEU Navigation – Black

  1. Nick Flynn says:

    Good value if you need Truck mode … If this Mio Spirit 7670 LM Truck had just been for cars, I would have given it no more than 3 stars.Compared to my wife’s Garmin, which was not that much more expensive, it is a bit clunky, and the interface seems a little slow. Updates are only available on a PC, so no Mac connection.On the road, the sound was a bit muffled, but audible, there is 2 choices of voice, one that will read out the street names, the other doesn’t. When on-line you can download a male…

  2. the lambanana says:

    I really like it NOTE====NOTE: This is a review for the Spirit 7500. I mention that [Sept 2016] because at the time of review it’s listed with lots of models ranging from the low end to top end of Sat Nav. And not all of them will be great/awful.7500====The 7500 is a simple sat nav that, so far, has been accurate and very easy to use.My last sat nav was a TomTom and this is better than that. That used to take about 6 minutes to find where you were. This, it’s…

  3. TopReviewerA1 says:

    Excellent SAT NAV My Garmin SAT NAV gave up the ghost recently so I was looking forward to the arrival of this new device.The display is great – nice big graphics, clean, easy to read design. It comes with the usual mounting arm and kit to fix it to the window – standard, no issues there.The device found the satellites easily and the process to enter your destination is straightforward. I’ve had no problems at all with finding different destinations.From the product…