Maclean MCE132 Microwave Motion Sensor For The Can Microwave Radar 1200W Range 5meter 15meter (MCE132)


•Power Sourcing: 220-240V/AC
•Power Frequency: 50Hz
•Ambient Light Trigger: <3-2000LUX (adjustable)
•Shut Off Time Delay: Min.10sec±3sec // max.12min±1min
•Rated Load:1200W (incandescent bulb), 300W (Energy saving bulb)
•Detection Range: 180°
•Detection Distance: 5-15m (adjustable)
•HFSystem: 5.8GHz CW radar,ISM band
•Transmission Power:<0.2mW
•Installing Height:1-1.8m
•Power Consumption:approx 0.9W
•Detection Motion Speed:0.6-1.5m/s

Product Features

  • Microwave 5.8GHz PIR with light intensity detection for installation in junction boxes
  • Wide range of applications and detection through doors, panes of glass or thin walls.
  • Can work throughout the whole day or only during evening and night hours
  • Maximum Load: 1200W (incandescent bulb), 300W (Energy saving bulb)
  • Detection range up to 15m

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