iSaddle CH02A YI Dash Camera Mount Holder Vehicle Video Recorder/Car DVR Camera Windshield & Dashboard Suction Mount Holder

iSaddle CH02A Car Dash Dash Camera Mount Holder

Widely Usable
-Fits Most Popular Car Dash Cam Such Like Yi Smart Dash Cam/Z-Edge/BlackBox/Spy Tec/Transcend/DOD/Papago/Vicovation/HP…

Best Viewing Angles
-Swivel ball adapter head provides flexibility for positioning the camera.

Easy to Install
-Easy to use attach your camera to either your dashboard or windshield quickly.
If you want mount the suction holder to your dashboard, you may need a adhesive mounting disk first.

Customize Your Holder
-You can get your own style mount holder by iSaddle Mounting Kit.

Applicable models: (Including but not limited to)

G1W G1W-C G1W-H/Falcon Zero F170/Transcend Drivepro 200/Vicovation GS1000/4Sigh Dual dash cam/Vicovation-TF2/HP f310/Papago 520
DOD GT300W GT550WS LS300W LS330W LS400W LS430W…
And more special models from Yi Smart Dash Cam/Black Box/Spy Tec/Z-Edge/ivation/wicked/4Sigh/DOD/HP/Transcend/Vicovation/Papago/ARECORD Dash Cam…

Product Features

  • Fits Most Popular Car Dash Cam Such Like G1W/Yi Smart Dash Cam/Z-Edge/BlackBox/Spy Tec/Transcend/DOD/Papago/Vicovation/HP…
  • PVC Windshield Suction Performs Well In HOT Climates
  • Swivel Ball Adapter Head Provides Flexibility For Positioning The Camera
  • Attaching To a Clean And Smooth Surface To Get Maximum Holding Strength
  • Easy To Get a Customized Holder With iSaddle Mounting Kit

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2 Responses to iSaddle CH02A YI Dash Camera Mount Holder Vehicle Video Recorder/Car DVR Camera Windshield & Dashboard Suction Mount Holder

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hardly sticks to the windshield Hardly sticks to my windshield. It has to be on a specific location or it keeps on falling. The slighest, minimal, tiny, weeny, curve on your winshield will prevent it from sticking. Therefore, it only sticks to the middle of your winshield blocking the view. I bought a cheaper one on chinese website for a third of the price and got something so much better. I give it two stars because it does sticks… only to keep you from looking out through your windshield. Pedestrian: Beware the isaddle…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Pros for this camera mount and suggestion for good fit to window At first I saw some reviews with suction cup not sticking to window.When I went to place my mount to the window, I pressed the cup flat to window, flipped the suction cup lever, and got a good fit.With the original mount that care with my dash cam I would take the whole mount down and put it up each time i used the camera.The good pro for this mount it has a front and back release for just the dash cam, leaving the mount on the window. I LIKE THIS FEATURE.I now leave…