Intek CBM-450 CB Receiver (Please Note Receive Only)

CB Monitor (receiver), comes complete with a quick-mount CB Magnet Antenna and with a 12V Car Lighter Adaptor. No installation is required, radio can be used immediately after purchase. 8 bands programmable for use in every european country, AM/FM mode, receives all CB channels. EMG key for immediate access to CH9/CH19 which are the channels used by all truck drivers. OFF-ON/Volume control and AS/SQL for manual or automatic (fixed) squelch control. UP/Down knobs for slow or fast channel selection. ANL (Automatic Noise Limiter) to cut pulse noise from motorcycles or car engines. Wide blue color backlighted LCD display, shows channel number, band ID and other enabled functions. Digital S-Meter shows strenght of received signal. Very user friendly operation. Built-in 3W speaker for clear strong audio. Backlighted function keys.

Complete set includes CB Monitor-Receiver (CBM-450) with 12VDC Lighter Adaptor and quick mount CB Magnet Antenna (MAG-1330) with 4 meter cable and connector.


  • 8 Bands Programmable (all european countries)
  • AM/FM
  • EMG key for quick access to trucks used channels (CH9/CH19)
  • ANL (Automatic Noise Limiter) cuts pulse noises from motocycles or cars engines
  • AS/SQL Squelch control with manual or automatic (fixed) setting
  • Blue color backlighted LCD with Signal Meter
  • 3-Digit band/channel readout
  • UP/Down keys for slow or fast channel selection
  • Magnet Mount Antenna with 30cm Whip and 4 meter cable
  • 12V Car Lighter Adaptor for connecting to the car lighter socket
  • Dimension of receiver : mm 114 x 45 x 165
  • Weight : 400 gr.

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