Hengda 15 W LED Ceiling Light Wall Light with Motion Detector and Radar Sensor Light Sensor Automatic Lamp Diameter 300 mm

1, Be sure that the installation by a qualified electrician to be done to ensure the safety.
2, This product voltage is width Voltage. At the first use the lamp is in 40 – 80 seconds Vorwärm level and then will working properly.
3, sensor lights and effects of the sensor can be adjusted by means of the environment and other Umwelts factors such as the room temperature, Gehgeschwindigkeit, metal shield, Size of the individual as well as other factors be changed.
4, By environmental influence, and please you can install the lamp will get them not show in the A Vibrating Pet Body. At the same time, the sensor range No rotating electrical, such as electric fans, air conditioning, engines, and other electrical appliances included, otherwise it will be to continuous light the lamp.
5, electromagnetic wave penetration ability (divider induction), the use in the Suite is not recommended.
Power: 15 W
Voltage: 85 – 265 V 50 Hz
Colour: Warm White (2700 K – 3200 K)
Dimmable: No
Brightness: 1200lm
Standby Power: ≤: 0.5
Extended time: 30 seconds
Detection range: < 5 m
Installation height: ≤, 5 metres long
Mode: all the lamp off after people Vobeigegangen have
Beam Angle: 120 °
Energy efficiency class: A + +
Size: Φ300 * 80 mm
Switching cycles: 15000
Life Expectancy In Hours: 50,000 Hours
Starting time: < 0,5s = 100% (no delay – Instant 100% Brightness)

Product Features

  • Power – 15 watt, 12000 lumens warm white (2700 K 3200 K)
  • Dimensions – Φ300 * 80 mm Material – PVC use – for indoor and outdoor use
  • Sensor – High frequency sensor (in the microwave sensor); 5.8GHz CW radar ISM band detection range 360 °, 1 – 5 m radius, installation height: 2 – 4 m
  • Working Consumption – 15 W, in standby 0.5 W feature – stand-by function – 100% light when sensor activation, and then select level light (approx 20%)
  • 15 W LED Ceiling Light with built-in high frequency motion sensor. Intelligent Light for hallways, staircases, bathroom, cellar, garage and a lot of other places. Thanks to the protection type IP44 Suitable for use in wet room

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