Hand_free USB Bluetooth receiver , USB car bluetooth audio adapter, Wireless audio converter … (Black)

Bluetooth Usb drive is a stereophonic received device with a high cost performance. It supports iPhone, Ipad and computer which have Bluetooth function to achieve stereophonic wireless transmission. To upgrate the normal speaker to Bluetooth speaker in an instant.

Product ferture:

1. It can change the wired to wireless and normal speaker to wireless Bluetooth speaker.

2. It can match cell phone and ipad which have Bluetooth, then achieve wireless speaker.

3. It can transform the music in the audio equipment to wireless playing music.

4. Large compatibility: it can match cell phone and computer with Bluetooth.

Instructions for use

1、Use the Bluetooth Usb insert to the speaker.

2、Open the function of the phone ‘s Bluetooth.

3、Use the phone ‘s Bluetooth function to search DMZMusic Bluetooth device.

4、Find the DMZMusic Bluetooth device and pair it . The password is “0000”.
5、Use the Phone playing music, and you can enjoy the music Immediately.

Technology parameters:

Power Supply:USB 5V

Technology standard:Bluetooth v2.0+EDR

Output Audio:3.5mm Audio interface

Receiving distance :about 10m Standard Accessories :

Audio cable Audio out

Sampling rate:44.1KHZ and 48KHZ

Product Features

  • Two model(2IN1): USB and lineIN,Working Mode: 3.5mm male to male auxiliary output, streaming music to your speaker wirelessly. Please note the usb is used for power suppy only. To make it work, you need to connect the receiver with your speaker via 3.5mm aux cable
  • Change your wired stereo system to wireless ,perfect for home stereo and car stereo systems
  • Hand_free phone fuction
  • Stereophonic receiver,Powered via USB port , no battery is needed

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