Ground Loop Noise Isolator Car Speaker Noise Filter Bluetooth For Bluetooth Car Kit Audio System Home Stereo with 3.5mm Audio Cable

Eliminating Humming Noise If you’ve got your radio, iPod, MP3 player, Bluetooth receiver or similar audio equipment plugged into your car stereo with an audio cable and you’re getting audio hum noise caused by ground loops, you need this isolator work together so that you can enjoy high quality music. Forget about the annoying noise! It is to eliminate current noise (caused by common ground interference), which is widely adopted in studios, conference speakers, active loud speakers, players, computers and car audio systems. Specification: – Works with any portable device that has 3.5mm audio jacks – Eliminating Buzzing Noise : Let your car speakers / home stereo systems humming sound go,enjoy the clean music. – Easy to Use ,Just plug and play,no battery needed. – Eliminating Buzzing Noise – Weight: 18g – Size: 2.36*0.79*0.79 in What is in the packaging? – 1 x REIIE Ground Loop Noise Isolator – 1 x 3.5mm Audio Cable – 1 x Quick Quide – 1 x Warranty Card

Product Features

  • [Eliminating Humming Noise]:The Ground Loop Isolator can be used to achieve a clear speech/music by eliminating the humming noise in some car speakers / home stereo systems.Help you enjoy the clean and clear sound
  • [Pure Sound Quality]:No damage with Rock Music,Give you better experience,Can be used on Mono
  • [Easy to Use ,Just plug and play,no battery needed]:Compact and portable, this little gadget does not take much space and can be easily taken away
  • [Compatible Models]:Works with any device that has 3.5mm audio jacks, for your Car Audio System/Home Stereo, when grounding issues persist. Also used with a Bluetooth Receiver/Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit in your Car Audio System/Home Stereo
  • [Warranty policy]:12 months free reliable warranty

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2 Responses to Ground Loop Noise Isolator Car Speaker Noise Filter Bluetooth For Bluetooth Car Kit Audio System Home Stereo with 3.5mm Audio Cable

  1. Anonymous says:

    I bought my wife a Chromecast audio and a portable Bluetooth speaker with a usb power port and I hoped that I would be able to power the Chromecast from the speaker’s USB port, so making the whole thing movable within range of our wifi signal. However the Chromecast mostly refused to work, although it seemed to power up and connect to wifi OK (the led went white as it should) and was available on the network to have music cast to it. The speaker would emit pops and crackles but no music. Power…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I bought this for an old 1991 Mazda MX5 that had really horrible feedback when charging and listening to a smartphone at the same time. The problem was a high-pitched whine that got louder the faster you drive.This Isolator has eliminated the whine entirely, which I am very happy about. It works perfectly and does not seem to affect sound quality in any way. However I can only give this 3 stars as I did not receive the 3.5mm cable that is supposed to be included. I tested using a…