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Cars – Greatest Hits – CdThe Cars’ blend of New Wave experimentation and trad-rock values made for nearly ubiquitous radio presence in the late 1970s and early 80s. Often jumpily ambivalent and marvellously pop-wise in the same moment, Ric Ocasek captured the zeitgeist for people to whom even Talking Heads didn’t matter much. Kicking off with one of the all-time great singles, “Just What I Needed”, then winding its way through seven more years of singles including the then-brand new “Tonight She Comes”, Greatest Hits is one, um, well-oiled pleasure machine. –Rickey Wright

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3 Responses to Greatest Hits

  1. Milt M. R. Ingarfield says:

    The Hits pressed in “Gold” Just like any of the “Gold” series of C.D.’s by “DCC” compact classics this version of “The Cars greatest Hits” is vastly superior to the original disc.All the big hits are still here from the opening song “Just what I Needed”,”Good Times Roll”,and “My Best Friends Girl”.(the best track that “Queen” never wrote, but it sure sounds like them,using “Queens” original producer helps,”Roy Thomas Baker” giving the song his unmistakeable touch)The original released by “Electra”…

  2. not_a_real_folkie says:

    Hits, but not necessarily their best songs The Cars wrote and recorded a good number of sharp, pithy, angular pop songs in their 10+ year career. Some of them are included here, but many are not. In their place we get the Record Company Man-in-suit’s choice of singles from albums such as Candy-O, Panorama and Shake It Up and miss out on some gems.There are some superb songs here; no-one could argue with a large chunk of the track selection and the choices from the debut album and “Heartbeat City” are pretty much on the…

  3. Kindle Customer says: