GPS Alarm Sticker – Premium Quality – 2 Pack – Warning Sticker – 75 mm x 25 mm – suitable for cars and trucks – inside-adhensive

Product Details


We provide high-quality GPS alarm stickers manufactured in Germany at a low price.


Simple Installation: Peel off the film and place the adhensive side on the inside of the window.

Size: 75mm x 25mm, suitable for every type of car or truck.




Thousands of people are victims of car theft every year.

Using a GPS alarm sticker can discourage thieves and protect YOUR vehicle.

Anti theft stickers have proved to be very successful in the USA for several years.


Are you convinced of this concept?


Then CLICK the “Add to Cart” button NOW and prevent your vehicle from theft!

Product Features

  • PREVENTION – Our noticeable GPS alarm sticker discourages potential car or truck thieves and protects your vehicle also during your absence.
  • ADVANTAGES – As our anti theft sticker is inside adhesive it can’t be removed by strangers from the outside. The eye-catching red colour of our sticker ensures excellent visibility and prevents your vehicle from theft. 2 stickers are included in every order.
  • SIZE – The sticker comes in a size of 75mm x 25mm. It is self-adhesive and needs to be attached to the inside of your window.
  • MADE IN GERMANY – We use UV resistant premium film for our sticker to ensure that it stays in its original shape and colour. This product is made in Germany and meets all legal regulations.
  • Interested – You don’t want to become one of many car theft victims? → then CLICK the “Add to Cart” button NOW and protect your car/truck!

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