Genuine Rewire Security GPS Tracker 102-NANO Magnetic Car Vehicle Personal Tracking Device (102-NANO GPS Tracker)

Small & Discreet. The 102-Nano V2 Kit From Rewire Security

Keep track of your family members, employees or anyone you need to monitor, with the 102-Nano GPS tracker from Rewire Security, one of the smallest GPS tracking devices available. Even with its small compact design the 102-NANO does not lack on function or features. It’s magnetic base allows you to stick it to any metal surface, under your car or on any other asset, just in a matter of seconds. The biggest advantage is that its an all-round GPS Tracker that has been built to serve to all types of different users; from a beginner to the most advanced. 102-NANO can be installed in just a matter of seconds without using any tools. Once the unit is placed in a vehicle, the user only needs a mobile phone, tablet or pc to check its location.The 102nano offers a whole host of advanced features such as remote listening, SMS move alerts, over speed alert, SOS alerts and geo fencing just to name a few.

All our trackers are provided with free pay as you go sim cards so you can manage your own costs. You will only need to top-up your sim card once it runs out of credits. As with all our GPS vehicle trackers you will receive your first year free to our UK based web tracking platform free.

Demo Login for
User Name: gps@demo
Password: 123456

What’s in the box:
1x 102-Nano GPS Tracker
2x Back Covers (Magnetic and Standard)
2x 1000mAh batteries
1x Battery Charging Cradle
1x USB Charging Cable
1x UK 3 Pin AC Power Adapter
1x Waterproof Pouch

Product Features

  • Real time online tracking: The 102-NANO is supplied with a free 1 year subscription to our cloud based online tracking panel GPSLive. The Panel can be accessed from any laptop, PC or Smartphone using our app.
  • Remote Listening: Once activated simply call the tracker mobile number and you can listen in covertly. The 102-NANO is completely silent as it doesn’t have a built-in speaker.
  • Suitable for personal, asset, hard-wired and covert tracking. It comes with two back covers, one standard plastic and one magnetic.
  • Works with a pay as you go sim card (supplied) which means you are not tied into any contracts or direct debits to pay. In Live online tracking mode the data consumption is approximately 6MB per month. In SMS tracking mode you simply pay an SMS charge for each Google maps link you receive.
  • Self-powered or hard wired: The 102-NANO can be permanently wired to your vehicle using our optional hard wiring kit. Wide working voltage from 6VDC to 36VDC including 12VDC and 24VDC vehicle power systems.

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2 Responses to Genuine Rewire Security GPS Tracker 102-NANO Magnetic Car Vehicle Personal Tracking Device (102-NANO GPS Tracker)

  1. Vennwood says:

    Brilliant product with only one problem Unbelievable functionality for the price. This is a small compact item that can be fitted almost anywhere. It comes with two batteries and a waterproof pouch and good instructions. You can program it to alert you if it moves within a selected area, you can track it live on a PC. It can send SMS messages to alert if the unit moves or if the battery is getting low etc. Set up was easy and it can be used out of the box. It is also small enough to use as a “location device” for…

  2. Mr. D. C says:

    Great little tracking system These are a great tracker,easy to use and set up.I have it in our car and use the car charger to keep the battery topped up. Ideal for peace of mind,small enough to hide out of the way.It comes with a pay as you go SIM which is lycamobile,but I replaced with a Giffgaff sim as the texts are so much cheaper. I have brought the cheaper versions of these which are half the price,but found they dont work as well as the ones from Rewire. Overall,great item and great service from rewire,dont buy…