DriveSmart Pro GPS Speed Camera & Red Light Camera Detector inc Mobile Laser Risk Zones

The DriveSmart Pro GPS Speed Camera Detector has been developed by experts in the speed camera detection business having brought out their first detector over 10 years ago.

Teaming up with the knowledge gained from producing the LaserStar Elite Jammer (arguably the UKs best selling laser detector and jammer over the last decade), combines to give you the best UK database of Mobile Laser / Safety Camera Van locations UK wide.

Features Include:

  • Voice warnings for camera locations including the SPEED LIMIT at those warning locations
  • Over speed visual and voice alerts if exceeding the recommended speed limit in a camera / laser warning area
  • Fully user programmable to customise your ideal alert settings (you can turn off any alert types from the menu)
  • Cruise over speed warning
  • GPS real time speed display
  • Warning distance auto adjustment depending on your vehicle speed
  • Head phone socket for motor cycle use
  • Simple USB PC database updates

Alerts For:

  • All fixed speed cameras whether radar or digital
  • SPECS Average Speed Cameras
  • Mobile Laser High Risk Zones
  • Red Light Cameras
  • Pre Defined Overspeed Alert

Other Features Include:

  • LED Screen Brightness Adjustment
  • Volume Adjustment
  • GPS Speed Adjustment
  • GPS Clock Adjustment

Comes complete with magnetic 3M Dash mount, 12-24V cigarette lighter power cable, printed manual and USB cable for updates (PC, not Mac Compatible).

Product Features

  • UK Legal with LIFETIME FREE UPDATES, no ongoing subscription! Latest model for 2017. Works straight out of the box with the latest database installed. With speeding tickets a minimum of £100 fine and increased insurance costs this will pay for itself if it stops just one speeding offence!
  • Alerts to all fixed speed cameras both radar and digital including Gatso / Truvelo / HADECS / Monitron / SPECS average speed cameras and also Red Light traffic camera locations (optional).
  • Alerts to mobile laser and safety camera van high risk locations. Laser detection will generally only alert you to the fact you have already been targeted since laser works at the speed of light but with the Laser Elite database the DriveSmart Pro has the most comprehensive database or mobile speed camera locations for the UK. Mobile alerts are also optional.
  • Voice and visual warnings of speed camera locations including voice alert of the speed limit. Also optional overspeed alerts. Adjustable warning distance to camera locations, adjustable volume and brightness settings.
  • UK designed product with 12 months UK warranty. Supplied with dash mount, in-car 12v power lead, USB update cable and USB flash drive containing update software (PC Only, Not Mac). Optional hardwire lead available.

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3 Responses to DriveSmart Pro GPS Speed Camera & Red Light Camera Detector inc Mobile Laser Risk Zones

  1. Amazon Customer says:

    Detected all the local mobile laser vans,Every single location was alerted to.

  2. Ms. S. M. Alford says:

    Excellent Speed Camera Detector – Highly Recommended HIGHLY RECOMMENDED:I am very pleased with this product. I’ve had it for about a month. It picks up 99.9% of all the cameras i know about and ones i dont in Hertfordshire and Hampshire etc. (The couple it didnt pick up may be dud/unused cameras??) On the M25 there are speed cameras/Hedecs only on certain gantries and it detects all these new cameras. It identifies locations where there’s a possibility of there being a mobile speedcheck vehicle. It does detect averaging speed cameras…

  3. Amazon Customer says:

    Happy with the product Unobtrusive, just sits there on your car dash, mutters quietly to itself while registering your GPS when you start up your car, only raises its voice slightly when you exceed the speed limit (as if I would, lol) in a mobile camera area. Proved its worth yesterday, it beeped at me and added another “Mobile Camera” warning. Someone had added another mobile camera to the database on Friday evening, apparently in the last few minutes, and there it was. White van with police markings in a…