DriveSmart Pro Evo GPS Speed Camera & Red Light Camera Detector with Inbuilt Mobile Laser Detection. Free Lifetime Database Updates.

DriveSmart Pro Evo is one of the latest products from the DriveSmart range of speed camera detectors sitting above the DriveSmart Pro but under the DriveSmart Alpha.

Laser Detection combined with a GPS Database consisting of:

  • All known fixed Speed Camera Locations. (GATSO, TREVLO, HADECS, Etc)
  • Red Light Camera (RLC / Traffic Light Camera) locations
  • SPECS camera locations
  • Mobile Speed Trap known locations – BlackSpots and High Risk Zones.

Adjustable Settings:

  • Fixed Speed Camera Data – On/Off
  • Red Light Camera Data – On/Off
  • SPECS Camera Data – On/Off
  • Mobile Area & High Risk Zones – On/Off
  • Adjustable warning distance – from 800m to 200m warning. (Including a motorway mode for early warning at high speeds)
  • Over Speed warning – Voice alert when vehicle is travelling over the speed when in a camera location
  • Continuous Alarm for Over Speed Warning – Constant alert when vehicle is over the speed limit in a camera zone. This can be turned on/off
  • Laser Detection Feature – On / Off
  • Dark Mode – On /Off (Blacks out display for night-time driving until an alert)
  • •Speed Units – MPH or KPH
  • GPS Time Correction – Increase / decrease hour on clock for Day Light Saving Time

In The Box:

  • Drivesmart Evo Speed Camera Detector
  • In-Car Power Lead
  • Windscreen Mount
  • USB update cable
  • Manual / Operating Instructions

All our DriveSmart units come with FREE LIFETIME UPDATES of our fully comprehensive speed camera database. No subscription costs, nothing to pay after purchasing the unit. Unit comes pre-loaded so works out of the box, updates on available for PC, not Mac.

Product Features

  • Alerts to all fixed speed camera like Gatso, Truvelo, Specs, Hadecs and Red Light cameras giving both voice and visual alerts.
  • Includes a database of mobile laser high risk zones and the Evo has an inbuilt laser detector for double protection
  • DriveSmart Pro Evo knows the speed limit at alert locations and is powered by the Laser Elite database with over 10 years of UK use and development
  • Fully adjustable for alerts, volume, brightness, range, camera types etc. Comes with windscreen mount, 12v cigar lighter power leads and USB update cable. Dash mount and hardwire leads are available.
  • FREE lifetime speed camera database updates (PC only, not Mac). Comes pre-loaded with the latest database and 12 months UK warranty. Fully UK Legal.

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