Does your RV currently need an important repair?

If you were to go into or travel in your RV right now, would it need an important repair that would make it dangerous or difficult to operate? If so, does it need more than one repair? Or maybe, if you’re lucky, your RV doesn’t need a single repair!

We know the lack of travel this past year because of COVID has meant you stayed home quite a bit more than you might normally have. And what did many of you do during that time? We’re guessing you worked on projects around the home and RV. Perhaps it was before the pandemic that your RV needed an important repair, but since you had time on your hands, you fixed it. Or perhaps the pandemic has meant longer waiting times to get into repair shops, so you’re still waiting on that repair.

Either way, will you tell us in the poll below? Thank you – we appreciate you voting!

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