Deserted In the Desert – New Favorite Campsite In Anza-Borrego

Panorama of my camper and truck at my new favorite Anza-Borrego Desert campsite during twilight. While there were no clouds in the sky and an otherwise boring sunset, I like the nice colors that Mother Nature provided here. Shot with a Canon 6D and Tokina 17-35mm lens at 1/8 sec f/6.3 ISO 400 21mm.


Instead of always camping at one of my usual spots, I decided to explore and find a new location. While I’ve been visiting Anza-Borrego for many years, the park is so big that there is always something new to be discovered.


Since this location is in the high desert at about 2500 feet, temperatures were quite tolerable. During the day the temperature maxed out at 95° F, but the humidity was extremely low. This made it quite tolerable to be outdoors in the shade under my awning. Also, my swamp cooler worked very well under these condition. After midnight, the temperature dropped below 70° F.

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