Cocar Car Automobile TV Radio FM Antenna Signal Amplifier Booster Digital TV DVBT ATSC ISDB Analog for Car Dash DVD GPS Car Stereos Head unit – SMA + Raido Plug

Product Description Color: SMA & Radio & Power This powered antenna can receive both analog and digital signal, as long as your device is with the corresponding signal receiver! This light, small and easy to set up Car TV/Radio AM/FM 2 in 1 Antenna Amplifier and Booster the perfect addition to your car tuner. This TV antenna will help improve your car’s TV picture quality by strengthening your tuner’s ability to pick up TV receptions. And will also increase the strength of the input signal your radio receives. This assures you a better signal and a more reliable reception. It easily sticks to the Front or Rear Windshield Glass. No matter how far you travel, and your car will have entertainment wherever it goes! Specification: Power supply electric voltage: DC 5V or 12V Electric current: 10~40mA Work frequency: VHF 170-230MHZ UHF 470-860MHZ Increase a benefit: 25 dB Voice coefficient: 7 dB Output resistance: 75 ohm or 50 ohm Cable Length: 3M Work temperature: -20 to 85 Degrees Keep temperature: -40 to 90 Degrees Package: TV Antennann with Optional Plugs (SMA/IEC/F + AM/FM Radio)

Product Features

  • The power cable(red & black) hooks to constant 12V power supply. Please don’t connect it to the Head Units power cabl
  • SMA + radio plug, TV + Radio 2-in-1 antenna booster!
  • It easily sticks to the Front / Rear / Side Windshield glass.
  • It also increases the strength of the input signal that your radio receives.
  • The perfect signal strengthening booster for your car tuner. This TV antenna will help improve your car analog/digital TV picture quality

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