Cobra Electronics iRAD 900 iRadar Atom Radar Detector

For years drivers have used radar detectors to detect when there is traffic enforcement officer ahead. Now, with Cobra iRadar, drivers can rely on a community of detectors to be alerted accurately and reliably of safety and enforcement threats on roads all around them. Cobra iRadar combines industry leading radar/laser detection technology with the power of your smartphone. In addition to being the detector’s display and warning of upcoming red light and speed cameras, the connection with a smart phone gives iRadar users access to the iRadar Community. The Community allows users to report and warn other users of live police, caution areas, and photo enforcement areas. In addition, when an iRadar detects a radar or laser alert it automatically shares this data with the rest of the iRadar Community. iRadar users can now rely on a real-time network of detectors to give them superior situational awareness while driving. Cobra iRadar is the most innovative, technologically advanced, and user-friendly detector device ever created.

Product Features

  • Detects all radar & laser guns currently in use
  • Works with iPhone and Android smartphones
  • Provides 360-Degree protection
  • Displays visual alerts from the detector on iPhone or Android smartphones
  • Alerts to speed and red light cameras, known speed traps and dangerous intersections

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3 Responses to Cobra Electronics iRAD 900 iRadar Atom Radar Detector

  1. Anonymous says:

    Works about the same as my V1 – I’ve put them up head to head. So I got this to go along with my Valentine 1 as I have two cars and wanted the crowd sourcing info along with the red light/speed cameras the app offers. That being said they have their pros and cons. The Cobra is great for things like cameras, speed traps, dangerous intersections and for radar detection. But wow does it get annoying with regular false positives and the crowd sourced warnings. So much info that it almost becomes useless as you start ignoring it.That being said,…

  2. Anonymous says:

    The good points: It is nice and small The good points:It is nice and small.I like the concept of it connecting to my phone for monitoring and configuration.I like the concept of socially integrating alertsThe not so good points:Way too many false alarms. Doesn’t matter how many times I tell it that it is false, I get the same alerts on my daily commute over and over.When the app is minimized on your phone, you don’t get the extra sound alerts through your phone.The alarm on your phone…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I tried to give this thing a faur chance but it is overwhelming in everyway. The app that comnects to it is useless because its navigation is poor (have to use waze or google maps) and it’s supposed community system is either out of date, sparse or altogether non-existing. Ive taken several hour long road trips, and an 18 hour cross country last weekend and although this device will alert you to every new car around you, it will wait until you can literally see the speed trap before warning…