Cobra 19 DX IV EU CB Radio


‘Further Manufacturer’s Details (for this range)…Cobra multi-standard programmable compact CB receiver 40 channels EU band AM 1W / FM 4W Multi country usage New compact design RF Gain Instant channel 9/19 Full function LCD display

Product Features

  • Radio Check Feature.
  • Illuminated LCD Display
  • Heavy-Duty Dynamic Microphone

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3 Responses to Cobra 19 DX IV EU CB Radio

  1. Harry says:

    Brilliant What can I say we all do the um and arr over YouTube reviews before making a purchase of this description but all I can say is GO FOR IT!!!! Brilliant radio it’s only my second radio so I’m not going to talk about frequencies and all that jargon I simply chose this radio because I was getting annoyed at a blaring blue backlit screen of my old old TTI in the cab.This radio has brilliant personalised functions. This radio feels pretty well built looks brilliant and I’m getting good feed back from…

  2. Ashley d Carr says:

    great produt

  3. L.H.Davies says:

    Cobra 19DX