CDP Adventure CAR AR-720P

Antenna 3 news (A minicámaras in the car drivers help hunt Harasser).
The camera for vehicles adventure car ar-720p4 can be equipped with a removable memory type SD/MMC up to 32 GB which allows continuous recordings of up to 64 hours in a tape sin-fin, depending on the resolution and the SD card. Therefore, if we have not the content downloaded to PC, the system will automatically above the old recordings. Well just descargaremos What interests us and we will not be memory if you just the earrings.
The downloads of the videos are made through a program, including in the SD card, Video Analysis and simultaneously Edition that will allow us to see the specific graphics along with the forces of inertia, blocking the shots where the function has been activated Black Box with spikes of force inertial higher than normal.
From this programme you can easily export the videos, or fractions of the same common to other video formats for playback directly in other players.
The programme of visualization, analysis and export of the videos is only compatible with computers that have Windows operating system.
This device allows a large number of applications, such as:
Monitoring of sharing or transport vehicles: trucks, vans, etc.
Security Installation in vehicles or police for surveillance or monitoring of actions or individuals.
Security Surveillance of areas protected from the vehicle.
Recording of competitions or sporting events from the vehicle as, for example, routes 4 x 4, in bike, etc.
Recording of landscapes from a vehicle for reportage or personal enjoyment.
Tests with value court in video in case of accident not case by other drivers.
General Features:
HD portable DVR with real 2 “TFT LCD display (recorder)
Modes: Recorder

Product Features

  • With the camera for vehicles dash-cam adventure Car ar-720p4 HD can record in HD (High Resolution), all the paths that make even in the dark thanks to its night vision LEDs, this car camera allows you to record all your journeys cyclic permanently with a beautiful widescreen.
  • Anchored with a powerful suction cup to the windshield, allows up to 330 degree rotation angle so you can record both inside and outside the vehicle, and it has the function Black-Box or black box with the G Force Sensor for recording and automatically block potential accidents that may be valid as evidence if necessary, this product includes in its price An SD memory card 8 GB.
  • Only works on computers with Windows.

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