Car iPad Tablet Holder,360° Degree Adjustable Rotating Headrest Car Seat Mount Holder for iPad Samsung Galaxy Tab,Tab Pro other 6-11 Inches Tablets

Adjustable size: 6 to 10 inches,Fit tablets ipads from 6 inches to 11 inches
Please confirm your tablet or device dimension before purchasing

Tablet PC Holder,a best choice for tablet lovers and users during a long car journey,is easy to install on the headrest,which will help facilitate the passengers to play on the back seat. With adjustable ball joint , it can be swivelled 360 degrees and be tilted up and down, side to side.

– Place the brackets around the metal headrest bars and tighten the screws.
– Put your tablet into its holder.First put one corner,and then pull the corners apart for it to stretch to the correct size.Once the tablet is hold in place securely,lock the plastic clip.
– The tablet section clips onto the bracket .Then alter the nut/screw at the back of the holding bar to adjust the position.
– Rotate the tablet in the holder to be in either portrait or landscape,so that you can get the best viewing angles.

Package include
1 x Tablet PC Holder

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Product Features

  • This universal tablet holder is a stable and well designed tablet PC holder, which accommodates tablets from 6-11 inches
  • 360-degree rotation, it can be placed vertically or horizontally, and adjust with a variety of different angles
  • Adjustable locks fit different size of car back seat, hold your equipment firmly
  • For such a small investment this handy Headrest holder will give you hours of peace when taking a long road trip with the kids as they will be able to comfortably watch their favorite programs in the back seat
  • 30 days money back with one year warranty

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3 Responses to Car iPad Tablet Holder,360° Degree Adjustable Rotating Headrest Car Seat Mount Holder for iPad Samsung Galaxy Tab,Tab Pro other 6-11 Inches Tablets

  1. Ashlee says:

    Highly Recommended! This tablet holder arrived packaged well and within a few days. It came in two pieces, the actual part that holds the tablet and the frame for fixing to the back of my seat, to assemble I just loosened the tightening screw on the back of the holder and pushed the ball adjuster into the hole and tightened it back up, this holds it in place and enables it to be rotated 360 degrees, it moves smoothly and easily to get the right angle plus it has a quality foam on the inside of the adjustable…

  2. The Family Man says:

    Easy, secure, and adjustable tablet holder. This tablet holder is great for keeping the kids entertained in the car on long journeys.I have previously owned DVD screens for the back seats, but found the plastic arm broke quickly and wouldn’t hold the screen in place very well.This tablet holder seems a far better design.It comes with minimal construction required, and no need for tools.The holder is secured to the headrest poles by two thumb screws which are on a slider to adjust the width…

  3. uscm.ba99 says:

    Easily mount to car seat, rotate to any degree This is a great adjustable rotating car seat holder for tablets. When received, there is no instruction in it. But I can easily tell how to mount it to car seat. It is very simple. I just screw it up to the seat. Please see my photo. It takes less than one minute. The holder can rotate to any degree. But of course, I will only have it in horizontal or vertical view.The holder and the screw are all of high quality plastics. I can take it off in one minute and install in different…